Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A garland of hope

These garlands
White in colour
Longing to wrap around a sacred neck
These fruits fresh from the fields’ of poor farmers
Waiting for a devotee
The man garlanding lotus together ,
Fixing a price for a faith of an innocent, 
“Why think of offering no pooja
Asking anything from the ‘givers’”
A devotee purchased a basket full of ‘hopes’
Inquired not the maker of garlands
But himself

Another devotee
Counted the coins in his wallet
Thinking of filling the till, sacred that shows no rooms for any other coins
Asking nothing for him
But a job for the son in need of peace of mind,
praying  for no insults from relatives,  
For the daughter ‘praying for a child’, sleeplessly
The facilitator of good wills,
The negotiator,
The Mediator, The dependent of sorrows, hopes of poor,
asked the devotee, looking at the garland, brought with shivering hands
‘ Brother what shall I ask for you, from the giver’

The Facilitator,keeping the pooja before the altar of the promiser of luxury
Peeping into the eyes of the ‘needy’, said
‘for what you are asking my brother ‘a red garland is good’
Hiding the coins in hand, the devotee
Smiled at the ‘altar of pooja’, lined with fresh flowers
Stayed ‘mute' for a moment
‘will my son not get a job’
Will my beloved daughter ‘get no son’
God, I promise
Next time ‘I buy no white garland, but a red’
Pardon me for ‘purchasing a wrong colour’
The devotee
Venerated the feet of the sacred giver
Stepped out of the shrine with a hope

'The lady with a face with wrinkled sorrows', with a small pooja
removing the slightly tone shoes , keeping it a side
entered the shrine 
muttered something 'stilling' before the statue, sacred
no one heard,
not even the 'facilitator
a little boy who came running from no where, 
touched the sari sewn with obstacles of thread 
'amma mei kawda' ( Mother who is this')
asked pointing his little finger at the statue, sacred
'putha me thamai deviyo'
(Son this  is the god')
aie eya kisi deyak kiyanne neththe
amma monawada eyata kiwwe
(why is he not telling anything , what did you tell him)
"deviwaru katha karanneneha
ahan innawa witharai"
("the gods do not speak they only listen")
'ah! ehemada"
("is that so")
The Child sat beside his mother, muttered something'
closing his eyes,
heard no one 
a drop of tears fell like a pearl
from the eyes of the little one,
touching the cheek , soft
noticed no one
not even his mother
but the God?


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