Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, September 21, 2015

De touring through the bridge of Risk* to be built

Newspaper sources revels; The suggested bridge way (?) from Jaffna peninsulas to South India (Tamil Nadu) opens a ‘land way’ for five countries and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) would assist in providing 8 Billion dollars or rupees, for the project.
A loan or a benefactorial contribution 

It has been one of the controversial, most discussed topics since the news popularized amongst local people of various levels, educational, social for example.
 It is clear that the suggested bridge Geographically and directly connects South India or India as a whole with the Country.

Currently the Island remains as a separate, geographically independent land, country bordering the Sea. Who ever needs to enter the country should use an air way or an aviation service legally, that is the current picture of travelling across or between countries, within this part of the region, if you take SA only for easy analyze purposes.
What easiness that this suggested bridge way provide for all the countries expected to use this path as mentioned by the authorities ? We need to think?
Whether they are willing to use or prefer to use this bridge is another factor to be discussed independently.

DOES IT SAVES TIME of the passengers of mentioned countries that we assume will be using the bridge to enter their preferred destinations religious or commercial or otherwise?

If yes , how?

Jaffna and planned linking destinations I drafted it this way, see table below. Within following countries there are certain number of air ports exists and functions for the benefit of travelers and the services are maintained and admin by responsible authorities , departments, ministries  of the mentioned countries.  They have been maintaining such systems within their territories ever since they have established them.  The nature of the countries in the list is different to the country ours everyway. The Pakistan and India was a one land historically departed geographically and administerially some time back. The historical or the political, geographical backgrounds are there anyone who wishes to refer and get a view about two countries. Now remains as independent units. If you take Bangladesh as a country, I do not think that they have money to be wasted because they have so much inner issues to be solved by them.  Nepal is a sacred land of Buddhists of the world and they owns an important places religiously important for all people.

Glance at every historical events , incident happened within or between these countries now and then and try see whether there are any issues related to borders or territories that puzzled their lives over years? And check because of what such incidents happened? 

From Jaffna Peninsula
Tamil Nadu

62 Airports found
16 Airports


If you have a look at a map of South Asia you can have an idea of what distances that it shows between each Destination, air ports for example 

If you are planning to use this suggested bridge way to reach our country from Pakistan
(From your preferred air ports) you need to first enter ‘India’. Am I incorrect?
 Imagine a traveler taking the land way without really taking a direct flight, aviation route  to Bandaranayake International Air Port from lets say Karachchi  how many hours he / she should spend traveling ? 

What benefit they get from using that path – suggested?

And Why the Traveler should drive (if no border issues) first to Tamil Nadu (from Karachchi to Tamil Nadu calculate the distance in kilo meters ) and then enter the Jaffna Peninsula for lets assume to visit , relations or friends, religious places without taking an air way service?

I do not think that it will become a de tour for them or to other countries other than to the geographically very closer Tamil Nadu

And if they, any passenger / traveler to enter Jaffna or the country, through India / Tamil Nadu any passenger / traveler needs to ‘full fill the immigration migration regulatory requirements needs of the respective countries?

Any extra expenses?, How much money that a traveler can save by using this suggested way? Are the total Travel costs lesser or higher in what way?

Within this commercialized world, for any traveler, saving money and time is essential
Hazels free Journeys, that is what every traveler expects at the end.

I do not see any advantages for any traveler who wishes to use this new suggested land way to enter this country other than for the Tamil Nadu people / travelers , Jaffna specifically who wish to enter Tamil Nadu through a  land way not by an air way.

As a citizen of this country, I see the plan of building suggested bridge as a THREAT to our country not as any commercially useful pathway.

Building or constructing this pathway you are taking a risk and allow cracking the sea way security that is naturally there to protect this country THOUGH WE HAVE A HIGH PROFILE NAVAL OFFICERS base WITH EVERY ACCURATE QUALIFICATIONS

Do not let the UN high profiles to say, in the future that they will be coming to work on ‘the disappeared’ through that new bridge way?

By the way my very dearest parents, please do not wait until the government show them the list of armed forces personals disappeared since when 1976 or even before, no news found of your son / daughter during the period of 1975 – 2009 take the picture of your son / daughter gone missing and no ash received to the very high profiled UN officials they might do justice to your tears have no doubts within.   

OPENNESS is something very useful we know, like the open economy but it is like a knife. You can use it to cut and chop veggies can play the role of butcher with this sharp knife, and what else you can do with that? Needless to say.  

I believe that not only ADB but also any other UN organization see this bridge way from their point of view, they may come up with lists of social and cultural benefits BUT I doubt whether they can think of POLITICAL THREATS exactly like some pOWER holders of the current government. 

What ever they think is good to implement they may implement using the ‘five year power plan they have’ but remember even after you retiring from your power positions, even after you and I die THIS COUNTRY SHOULD REMAIN AS AN GEOGRAPHICALLY, POLITICALLY HAZEL FREE LAND FOR THE FUTURE CHILDREN OF THIS COUNTRY  

The ADB should showcase their annual reports on work they have done materially at their annual sessions / gatherings. They, for sure would INDICATE IN BOLD LETTERS OR IN BOLD NUMBERS THAT THEY CONTRIBUTE WHAT EVER AMOUNT ( 8 billions) OF MONEY FOR THE SUGGESTED PROJECT. THAT WILL BE AN ACHIVEMENT FOR THEM.

As a financial aider of the said project; The ADB will not take the responsibility for any results of building the bridge or I can say they will say ‘we not responsible for anything other than as a money provider, commercial or financial contributor. Therefore what ever the other sub results, direct or indirect results of building such a bridge, political or economical, commercial influences, or affects of such projects, the government must take responsibilities but it is good that some errors cannot be corrected to adjust. Like a river that cannot turn back its direction only flows further and knows only to proceed ahead, with or without errors , mistakes.

So think 19.5 billion times before you leap

And why should none governmental parties take responsibility of something that political power chairs deciding and taking actions as ‘god fathers of the people of the country. I do not think that such are mentioned in the codes of ethics, visions and missions of UN  
And let me assume that the prince of human rights would write to the Prime Minister of the country mentioning following ……………….

Dear President / Prime Minister of the Sri Lankan Government,

You have taken a huge step to build cultural mutual understanding between the people of two countries by deciding to construct a bridge linking two parts of the two countries. And I would like to say that in history, no leader has taken such an action to do something like that.

Thank you,

Your’s loyal human right representative, the Prince of UN

My idea is that It can be a huge commercial success for the construction company that would take the project under their control after what ever bidding.

And yes, that would help for the present government to dazzle and shine on sky as a party / state / government, star by planning to implement such a project and after building it.

And yes, for sure you can provide what so ever numbers of job opportunities for the Engineers, Planners etc

But once the constructions are over , the government will have to think of another project to maintain the continuity of everything

And the cement and material companies can sell their materials number one for contractors and shine as a provider of that sort.

And yes for every group / individual that expects something like that to happen would celebrate with vines and with champagne

And the rulers that know nothing about the historical incident happened in the past; example, Emperors of the Vijayanagar Empire capturing the Jaffna Pennisula politically in the 15th century would say ‘hurray’ after laying the foundation with a big celebration
 You know now no empire is capturing any lands geographically other than some terror groups such as ISIS they want their Utopian or otherwise empire geographically expanded.  So other than for such groups known or categorized as ‘ no terror parties’, prestigious political figures use no such tack tics to capture you but use other ways, to politically imprison you within their strategies of all types.

You perhaps not aware or you may pretend unaware of new faces of old ‘colonization’, the modern face of it, because you may now wearing politically colourized lenses to see things. Who ever would capture you through their POLITICAL WILLS, ECONOMICAL WILLS would not tell you that they are doing something like that. Who would?
You may not directly understand such things. 

For India ours is one of the most important ports of trade. What are we trading to them? Bajaj, Mahindra, TATA , Banaris, aricunut  or we buying them from them?

What CEPA going to be manufacturing in the future, ladies and gentlemen?

Tell me what other benefits we get from building this bridge of your political desire other than shopping between two destinations and organizing pilgrims from here to there and there to here?

Unlike through aviation paths you can easily welcome political threats if you not let this land remain geographically independent. Refer how vaico, the political saint came and meet the leader LTTE in the past and through what way?

Coastal areas of any island or bordered by any ocean has a lot value or can say is the ‘back bone of Portal Trade systems of the main economy of their respective countries. Ours is an example.  For a ‘Trade Empire’, owning such territories, coastal areas for instance is a must or highly useful, essential for any trade minded emperor.

 Refer 1766 agreement made between the Dutch and the King of this land. How they specifically asked the coastal line under their authority and how cunningly they inject the idea of having that into the brain of then king.

What happened afterwards, the traders of up country, middle part of the land lost all trading opportunities that they were using so freely in every inch of this land? The salt mines, the natural trade ports, Gokanna , mahatitta of the old map of Ceylon for example.
I do not know what fishing they did in the past but you are very well aware how people fish in the seas of theirs and ours, currently?

I wish you have no plans to waste your bullets aiming the heads of fishermen who to tries enter the sea fish territory of ours, illegally. You know the current fishing trade styles using and how we deal with that. What you need to do to get the men, who ever enter there or here into legal territories of fishing, released  

Now the other important to thing to analyze is the CONTENTS OF AGREEMENTS my dear friends  

Who writes or prepares these agreements between countries in order to build a bridge for instance.

What agreements mentioned?

The nature agreements?

How transparent are they really?

Any copy available to view for every person show interest to read?

Who would SIGN in the document as historical heroes that desire to connect two independent geographical territories through a bridge of risk?

Willing to punish who ever enters the territory illegally by taking them to the Hybrid court? Would that help for the sustainability of peace and harmony between two so far independent lands?

I can assure this that there will be plenty of stories waiting to be written here and there, in the pages of the books of socio, political, law and order etc.

May triple gems protects this land of liberty

God Bless You all!

 * A risks can be social, political, economical or otherwise



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