Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, January 25, 2013

Haha hehe hmmmmm’ & ohhhhhhh’s of our conversations

We have our own ways of communicating, responding the way we like, using various set of words that we like or set of what ever may relevant to the conversation, most of these things depends on the groups or the people that we may associate with or comfortable in associating or comfortable in using the ways we like when communicating. Relevance or applicability of such things are important very specially in the conversation that we make very formally or publically out side to our peer and near groups of friends or otherwise.  

Conversations, discussions I thought is a good topic not only to have a discussion also to discuss all the relevant or applicable things including the language we use or the words that we use, (specifically)

We do not use any ‘aney’ or ‘aiyooooooooo’ kind of words when we are having a formal or sort of framed kind of discussion limiting it to the allocated time. We generally have formal or academic or framed conversations sometimes or mostly with the busy personals, frills have no place in such places of discussions. One can not waste words or time because both important in what ever discussion that you may arrange or take place having an purpose or a main objective of the subject that are important knowing.
Oh! I am not sure whether you‘ll like this topic mine. But that is the way things happen sometimes no. people bring topic of news or news and news it is we who discuss such things sometimes or think important or not important. And some bring good, interesting, useful to others locally and internationally discussable or debatable topics or subjects or news. Some topics are internationally acclaimed valid or applicable universally they are important ones.

Some news has political validity some things have socially or historically valid or important if not useful. When we share or discuss such things we use the relevant set of words. If anyone discuss something related to science or spaceship or about air crafts ‘there is no point or others might laugh at us if we use wordings such as ‘how to cook pol rotte or how to fry banana fritters accurately. Scientific methods are valid and important in any of the sciences including human sciences socially acclaimed but one has to know the irrelevances of the wording that we sometimes use. We often make mistakes in our using of wordings and sentences.        

Some discuss APOLITICAL things within POLITICAL AGENDAs and some discuss POLITCAL matters or things putting them in to ‘APOLITICAL FRAME WORKs. To discuss what ever things that comes under apolitical, political or personal labels or banners one can not do it alone. It is possible but there are limitations or one has to face the aftermath results i.e labeling may be.

We need two or more people to have or begin a conversation. To lead that conversation or to get going of such conversations to last such or what ever conversation one needs to feel that he/she is truly in or out of the conversation. This in and out of conversation is important for people who are truly engaged in the conversations. Who wants to waste their moments unused silly fully. 

People use different strategies to show others that they are really ‘in’ or attached with the conversations. They help the involving parties to get going the conversation further or help them to lead the conversation towards forwards.

 You will feel it when you are not connected with the conversations or no connectivity shown this is important for a further continuation of a conversation. When you say no connectivity then you are disconnected from the relevant or irrelevant connections

The language patterns or arts of using words and their reactions shows ones disinterests or interests, likes/dislikes towards the conversations they were/are in.   

If you have watched any interviews/conversations/discussions - Face to Face there are many things that one can notice or even you yourself can experience and I am sure that we all have such experiences within our academic, professional peer – friends’ categories of conversations.

Face is a mirror of what people tells you and you can read their interests or disinterests likes or dislikenesses accurately only if you are totally in the conversation not half or quarterly attached this helps to continue conversation further or any longer or whether they are truly comfortable in the things that you discuss or whether they are well equipped of the subject discuss is important to know.

Information’ to prove their ideas, ideologies, opinions or the things that they suggests immeasurably important because then only the conversation become fruitful at the end.  What ever we or the relavant parties discuss may useful to the big society or only for a particular group that depends on the subjects you discuss or maintain a conversation with, including any communities, and finally to the whole world. This is one of the ways to rate the success-fullness of such conversations or discussions.      

The things you discuss depends on the group/people/individuals and of course their ‘interests’ – subjects.

Bored or going well ‘energy – fullness, liveliness ‘enthusiasms’ of a conversation truly depend on the people involved. If you feel dull or bored or dead during a conversation then that will become no use.

The ways of delivering expressions also important just think of a conversation attached with an audience huge how you truly can impress them is valid and important.

for an artist ‘their fans’ – are important ‘one need people to watch the dramas/films – tele or print what ever they create – the audience is important. You can rate your bonds with them looking at their faces, sometimes though I am not quite sure about such things I mean rating people just by looking at their faces.

It is important for people to know when ‘two people’ or more people in conversation whether others are listening to what they/he/she say or agree or disagree, like or dislike to their ways of elaborating or explaining arguing things, subjects, concepts, existing or of coexisting/s (?) this is a matter of a lastingness or validity of the things they discuss.

When you encounter that others who are in conversation with you are ‘not interested in listening’ or ‘not reacting to your ideas’, ideologies or logics ‘you feel really odd’ ‘disconnected’ or you feel like putting the full stop to the conversation that you were trying to ‘start’ continue or carry on further

Lack of ones words, inexperience’s affects the successnesses of any conversations or discussions, I like to believe 

My sister most of the time never liked what I liked to talk of or discuss she likes to talk of very day today stuff attached with very teeny weeny stuff she does not like to touch any complex or things that may spoils her calmness or quietness’, happiness of her mind or she does not want me to ruin her mood. J I agree with her today.

There were days that when I just about to start saying something she shows her disinterests then there is no way of continuing it she does not want me to complete at least the first sentence that I am trying to start.

Onna patan gatta
Here she started again


Then she nicely takes both her hands together and shows me like she is venerating worshiping me kind of action J

“Please stop this nonsense I do not want to hear those things”

Then my mood changes – (obviously no?)

But whenever ( this is rare though) I discus something that she likes very much ‘situation is 



Aththada? (really!)

Ithin …….. ithin ………….

So ……. So……..



So such conversation goes like that with so much fun.

Interesting to watch her face eyes – giggles
I truly have to learn and find some good topics that she likes to discuss with me ‘hmmmmmmmm she is very busy these days and hardly find some times to spend with me’ or to have a conversation- she sometimes comes and hugs me

I too don’t like to end such conversations.

 It is same with me sometimes I am greedy for such conversations and she has two good friends at her work place so matches with her interests and a good group they are. Manjula and Roshini are very good friends of her I have so much interests to hear what they discuss sometimes with eyes full of happiness. only when they are not very busy.
It is me who sometimes spoils her mood, honestly.


Before I forget about a month back one of my friends phoned. He is Kriz he is a good friend though I do not know him too well.

We just spoke of this and that of ‘something’ and he suddenly said

Mama ithin nikan katha kale
I just phone.

How good it was if he had a reason to phone me I thought.

I felt little ‘no use’ to continue the conversation. Even the two voices showed the same I thought at the end.

Finally he said that they are planning to go for a trip.

Ohhhhhhh what a good idea

But I can’t remember I was saying something like that as a reply to his reaction or question.
Some conversations are like that you feel no joy in talking to if you feel that they just phone you or when their voice shows a little ‘lazy’ torn. This is no insulting I am trying to get some data to prove what I am trying to say. I do the same. Lets think a while in what occasions that we show our disinterests or do not like to continue conversations and why sometimes we talk sleepless for hours and hours with our loved, dear near friends until pm ‘s becomes am s in the morning. Interesting, but that has ‘no surprises’ in such things.

I do not know how sharks, Dolphins, and leeches talk to each other or when they meet their friends from another completely different- peers & then interacts. Squirrels with squirrels how they talk to each other I don’ think that they quarrels with each other or with others.

In conversation with cricket
Yes indeed

That is a marvelous shot and that’s gone for six
Certainly it is a marvelous shot

Exactly, exactly

What a shot!

So you‘ve done a course in how to give cricket commentary’

Exactly, exactly

We did not know that

Oh did I say yes

No I have not done any courses I am just a mad but a good fan of cricket.

We knew that though you confused us saying ‘exactly, exactly

What! You knew it

How do you know all these even without saying anything to you ‘you have telepathy right?

No! Wrong I have no telepathy but I am little televised no no wise at all.

If you clearly think of the dialogue above wrote you can notice that sometimes we answers or reacts to certain situations when we are over enthusiastic of something or when we are so thrilled and enjoy something totally. Then your answers sometimes do not come under ‘accurate’ category but when you are really into the conversation ‘you don’t give wrong answers or you just don’t say what ever thoughts that catch your moments of conversations – detached.
Flow of a conversation is important nodding or shaking our heads towards that side or to some other side or towards down or up what ever side you shake your head or use body language has a meaning. That may help or might not help for the continuation of the conversation. I know such things bring no harm but ones moments -spend has some value. One can not talk nonsense if you are truly in an important discussion or in a conversation that is important to you personal or professional political or apolitical.
This is interesting that the remarks we make ‘during an interview’ or a conversation/s sometimes without thinking too much, most of the time these things happens unconsciously with out pre planning. You can’t pre plan how you are going to react to a un- done or not started conversation before hand. That should come under ‘unplanned’ flow of such conversation one can not pre plan.
You have to smile sometimes during an interview or shakes you head or you may have to use certain words carefully.
General conversations with peer and near or dear ones are different to the well planned and pre planned ‘conversations’/interviews. They generally have a script (agenda) a questionnaire if you have a clue or if you are notified of on  what topic direction they are going to discuss or on what matter then can go prepare then things become different.
If you unexpectedly meet one of your old friends, relative gone missing for a long time, I can’t think of how they going to start or end their discussions.   
When people read or hear or ‘news’ they have things to say. Some news they ‘accept or reject’ it is very interesting after news telecast or while news telecasts – during a tele drama people have things to say
Sooooooo good
Aney aparade
We blame the characters - black (in the drama) and praise the one we like.
Giving or receiving empathy
I am sure this subject of ‘empathy’ – very popular these days than any other days before is a very well known subject now amongst all around world.  When you give or receive empathy ‘there is a particular way to give specifically. When receiving empathy from some trusted person well trained or one you can trust plus that you know and sure of not laughing back to you for the things you shared to get some relief.  You should not hide anything if you are to receive ‘fullest - empathy’.
Self empathy is different. Sometimes when you are sharing with a person who listens to what you have to say ‘ might not talk to you in words’ ‘the person might just show you caring touching your shoulders or keeping your hand together with the person and remember this generally happens between ‘same gender’ if you are getting this kind of help from a professional apart from that there is no barriers in giving or receiving empathy there are ways of giving and receiving empathy outside to professional ways of doing it.
Soooooo I am not quite sure whether you would enjoy this conversation of mine Ahhhh that is alright no one agrees or disagrees to the things that we sometimes talk or discuss some agree to some and some disagree to some.
Hmmmmmmm today is a quite day outside.  


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