Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ode to ‘Proofs- full’ ‘read – full’ ‘minds –full’ world

I don’t know why I really like this word so much ‘full’. It is same with the end set of words ‘ization’ such as ‘industrialization’, ‘globalization’, ‘minimization’, ‘asweddumaization’, ‘inclination’, ‘computerization’, ‘privatization’, peoplization,  elderlization, modernization, talkization,  so all these ‘full’ and ‘ization’ I learnt by reading. Some actually nowhere to be found I know. May be that is because some say if you don’t see something that others see then you are a fool. but I never think that others are fool when they don’t see the things that I see because the things that I thought or think as ‘seen’ are actually not belong to that ‘seen’ or saw’ categories. Seen or saw has a vast meaning. What is real ‘seen’ or saw’ unquestionably unexplainable. This seen generally comes under very difficult to learn and to understand category reason is it is no easy to differentiate illusion from reality. I have heard of people that have told ‘I am an Arhat’ or I am a saint’ I have come to the stage of nibbana sowan, nirwana ‘enlightenment. So according to my understanding this ‘totalfull understanding or realization ‘getting an accurate or it is no easy to come to conclusions such as ‘this is the right thing’ this is the wrong thing’.  

I do not know whether there is any similarities or differences in this ‘full’ or ization categories. We say ‘realized’ (realization) modernized ( modernization, globalization etc how can we measure the extent of such ization is my question it is no impossible but it is little difficult to mark territories for instance one can say India or Japan or Australia have exceed the territories of ‘modernization’ or they are already in the territory of ‘modernization’ others are not or they have come to little below the line of modernization etc. I am wondering how to say or underline the territory or lets say we map the territories of ‘fullness’ of something what are the measurements ‘is it possible to use the fullness in understanding or forgiveness is 5000 L or understanding = .05 ml.

Everything in this world of heart , and mind matters that are far away from ‘ scientific territories or mapping, measurements  no easy to measure. So this fullness is sometimes = ?.
You know sometimes I read just a single page of a reading material (what ever kind) for many times to get the ‘realization’ of something. Total picture of something do not come very easily before my eyes or I can say most of the time my brain refuses what my mind says or my mind refuses sometimes what my brain says. Then contradictories, disagreements and agreements, confusions and realizations, clearization erasing and replacing generally become parts of mind and heart corners, territories.  Inevitable.
But with proofs and reading things become clearer. When the involved parties agree or say this is this that is that then everything becomes or most things become unquestionable. These things lead everything else to ‘come to a clear stage’ level and then my mind comes to the stage of agreement with no hesitations and I like that part of understanding a lot. This generally happens during the processes of accepting or acceptance of something, learning etc.

When I read something for the first time I will not get the ‘holistic’ view of what I read. That is my nature I m no genius and I am a ‘slow learner to read’ ‘better way’ therefore I sometimes ‘make mistakes in understanding’ No I am not saying that language is always the issue. I can say that I have the enough of vocabulary to understand something in a better way to get a clean and clear picture. It is sometimes the frills that I don’t understand well other than that I am a kind of an ok type of understand/er’. But once I get the whole picture of the or particular area I will not forget easily or that happens very, very slowly due to unavoidable stage of ageing or I can say my mind never erases or forgets such things but store somewhere for future reviewing. I can prove if you want ‘proof’ you need to meet me.

Why is it really difficult to teach English is it just the lack of interests of students towards the subject No I doubt we/people/students know ‘how much of things that they can obtain if we/they know the language of other/s well. Though sometimes a language is not a dead subject or kind of a ageing subject it a everyday renewing subject because words or phrases joins the existing levels everyday. For instance if you take Sinhala for instance (I m thinking of the new generation and their usage of language) some say ‘buwa’ etc I don’t think when something is in usage ‘there is no possibility of saying that such words have not integrated with the existing language though such words are not in the very grammatical advance language – written. (forgive me if I explain this in a unacceptable way because I am no language expert of any.  

 To understand ones native or creative backgrounds or grounded things related to every corners of a society ‘it is immeasurably important and that become more and more important to get a fullest picture of the same society this become a reality only if it is possible to learn all the existing native languages of this world.

I read today there are some ‘directors’ related to the ‘glittering world’ – cinema that don’t speak ‘English’ the English’s language, mother tongue of the English/s. It is so good if we should not forget that ‘English is not our mother tongue but it is immeasurably has shown some value and importance over years in every or most of the dealings of this ‘dealings full’ world. If not one has to find a way to understand ones spoken or his/her sing languages or else ‘the things that he/she tries to using different things apart from the so called languages accepted by the world. For example one can say uncountable things just looking at a ‘image’ or a picture what words then need to understand though it is no easy. The chosen images or pictures says it all the inner side of the person who has chosen such things in describing things or explaining things. There is always some space left for others to understand the most difficult part of understanding according to me ‘people don’t say what they have to say in  most of the things but say the things of the surfaces not of the things what lies within. To understand the not reveled things careful reading and studying is required. Only that is necessary in the process of learning but I guess to understand it fully one  can not devalue the importance of such learning ( the methods or strategies of learning)

When you are screening or walling two sides from each other ‘there is a limited chance for you to see through them accurately. They don’t see you don’t see them and only when you hear the voices you mis the ‘expressions part of learning’ the expressions are very important part of good or real learning. One can just use words and at the same time you must try to ( I say this always) observe faces in understanding. If you don’t see them you mis a huge part of understating what the learner mis is the ‘reading eyes as well as the facial expressions. 

The eyes and facial expressions come under the columns of ‘no hide’ ways of explaining and learning a subject or a language. They play a major role here in this learning. In the  teacher student  relationship a learner learn a loads of things from the signs the teacher uses ‘ the mood changing patterns, how he she expresses happiness or agreements even in disagreements of theories and concepts she he teaches etc. 

Therefore the assumptions made without following all these stages of learning of compulsories what you learnt rarely become not valid or become lesser important or things are arguable or criticize – able. When you tend to decide things depending on ones ability shown forgetting the not shown part will it give us a completeful understanding of learner or his/her level of delivering accurately the learnt things. Practicing things on real life away from class rooms of learning and how these things really affects in rating ones abilities of learning or teaching? Will this become a ‘inability of a leaner or inabilities in teaching of a teacher. How can you measure such things totally accurately?

There are ways in relation to the ‘popular learning methods’ that all know already and students have been practicing now a days I am not fully aware whether these methods of learning comes under ‘distance learning’ let me note few popular methods existing one should improve using the leisure time reading , practicing typing, reading an English book, what ever material available though they may don’t get a full understand of something.

Reading always provide us or can be used as a better or practical ways of learning good English it is not just a changing a syllabus/s or course/s contents should think of changing according to the ‘knowledge change pattern of the world’ or updating knowledge.

I always like the practical part of learning than ‘theories only -ways’.
If you always give some marks close to ‘full’ marks for the students who always refer and write the answers doing their home work well and by doing the observing part better coming with the updated knowledge others definitely have to follow because they know that ‘they will not get good marks if they don’t follow the same’. 

I know that ‘the teachers always follow that way they give not only close to full marks but also never forget to spend some moments to write a ‘encouraging note’ a comment. This is what really a student also expect ‘encouragement’ ‘then they automatically get the ‘desire to learn or read better way’ feeling in learning or in reading what ever the process they may involve in.

believe me I am not a good reader or a learner at the very beginning stage of my ‘academic learning’ it is my teachers who pushed me toward ‘forward’ and of course their ‘forewords’ helped me a lot impressed me towards better learning ‘ up to this level of my understanding ( it is not closer to ‘full’ marks scheme yet) ‘my self – evaluation instinct’ says that I am still in the range of low marks –which is very good I am in fourtees’ still in understanding and learning.

I have to catch up another over fifty marks to get the ‘full marks’.  If 100 is the demarcation or teritorization mark for a good student, the marks that you, the society willing to give. ‘Full marks’ for better learning or reading and understanding too is it gainable? Yes, this I learnt by reading some of the marks that the students (some) have taken for some subjects. Teachers are kind of a no stingy in giving good or full marks for better learners. This I know.

Yes this ‘practical ways of learning languages’ is good ‘even while you grow some things in your ‘home garden’ or while looking after home grown stuff ‘you can learn the language’ related words ‘ what is the English term for ‘ranawara’ ‘polpala’, lunumidella, thumba, getapala, girapala good to learn if there are any English words existing not the scientific or the agricultural word that ‘universally use’ but at the same time ‘one must not forget to do a kind of job that provide you with ‘bread and butter’ or ‘rice with pol sambole’ at this era of our living it is not adequate if you only sticking to growing things in your home garden if you know no way how to find money for other things necessary for living.    

‘Excuses’ ‘no valid’ for ‘better learning’ or doing the job better that I understand. This is a cameras full (phone or otherwise) world people can observe things in a many full ways eye proofs are also ways of learning or judging things.

One thing we also should learn I thought’ we need to eradicate if something is ‘no good at all for the sake of a society no point asking students ‘tell us how you think we should reduce such situations’ we need to be careful in using words ‘eradicate totally or reduce’ what is the better word we need to think when preparing the lessons or the questions. Following is an example take any society that suffer from terror of any kind. And imagine that they want never terror zone to live we know that then they must not ask how do you think that we must eradicate such situations no point asking them explain how must reduce such things I know that a society has to do it gradually this reducing but my saying is we must not keep any chances of improving a situation unaccepted even in using words.  And then we can ask ‘what are the ways we should use to maintain ‘no terror world’ further? First we have to eradicate totally if something shows no good for the wellbeing of a society and then maintaining the same is important - everyday ‘SUSTAINABLITY OR SUTAINABLE WAY’ important.

Let me come to another different ways of learning ‘api kenekge weradi witharak nemei hoyanna owne’ Honda deyak dekkama agaya karannath owne’ it is not just the ‘wrongs ‘mistakes’ of ones that we should aim at or go in search of or try to show’ if you find some good qualities of that person that too must ‘appreciated’. This too is a better way of learning.  

Then things become ‘well – balanced’ other wise this gap never can be filled the gap is known as or it belong to the category that I may later mention in this note including we don’t hesitate to say ‘some are very good some are very bad – we put them in to such categorization of characters’ ‘the gap in between’ we must not forget to fill and then try to ‘even’ everything to one equal, same level though it is not easy ‘what harm that gives us ‘trying’.

 But that is not possible if you thinking of maintaining the ‘hierarchy of different levels or positions in a foolishfull way.’ What is then the ‘intelligent full way’ ‘it is no possible to hide ones level of the intelligence.  They allow us or we allow others to rate our levels of intelligence when we do things practically we show others in doing things’ when we/they do things practically the things talk how things done or do etc such things become indication/measurement of intelligence. Intelligence’ come to the surface ‘ therefore I don’t think that if you are good at something ‘no one can steal that ability from you’ therefore ‘I don’t believe in ‘threats to professions’ or positions of any kind.    

The students sometimes have to find her/his own ‘methodologies’ in go in search of knowledge, the fresh knowledge than always expecting their teacher/instructor to guide. I m sure I aforementioned few of the ways of learning that can be ‘identify’ as methodologies to learn better. 

Google /ing I know is a good way of learning but why always depend on data that others have ‘found out’ why can not we ourselves go find what is there ‘whether there is any ‘new’ to be learnt,  do not forget that such ways  show us a way – always as to how we should go find knowledge ‘further’. If you just stick to what you read only you will not become a ‘reader’ with a ‘full’ – mind’. ‘Reading has different facets the recent writings of good writers has given us enough of proof that it has different facets.

So if you think that I above mentioned has some value or useful in both learning a subject or a language or even in teaching when guiding the students better way that it self is a relief for a learner. There is no newness in above ideas I try to memorize here but I thought of noting or let me say adding few lines as a comment to your very ‘thought full’ and observation full revelation of all kind notes that I have referred so far ‘all ways of learning’ all type of writings of everyone following materials and otherwise. 
I like to wind up this note by noting another ‘ization’ word that is ‘our civilization’ this ‘ization is important than any other ization of a society’ I do not know whether you all agree with me if you think of ‘learning and understanding this ‘ization’ that will clear our ways of learning better or teaching better for a better future ‘asshcharya’ there is no ‘privatization’ in civilization.  And it is one of the ways to globalization. Better understandings of what we had and have now will lead us to good, better end product in everything. Especially in learning.

Wish you all a good week, a year of better understanding of all corners of life, lead ahead and win the world dear friends!            


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