Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sand the aPOLitical KID speaks and asks .....................................

Actually I am a kid when it comes to my knowledge concerning ‘world matters’ and world politics.

All what I can do is rely or depend on what trust worthy sources are reporting and enhance my knowledge. I use the word trust worthy purposely because of the recent experiences that we gain.

I am a kid in knowledge and facets or faces of politics, true, but I have the POLiticosense , thankfully and politinstinct to some extent  

Why ‘A’ says so, why A doesn’t say so, why some say ‘there are so many ‘Q’s but less ‘A’s and less ‘G’s, this kids likes to know

Some says who ever knows ‘poly tricks’ can survive in this world of politics

Poly tricks different to poly strategies, polihonesty can’t be found in the dictionary that I have read ‘Malalasekara and Oxford’ may be this term can be searched in special dictionaries

May be POLitical kids have to learn well to understand such terms very well

Why is it important for an ordinary man or for an ordinary woman to understand the term, POLITICS?

Is it just to find out ‘Gender balances in POLitics’, or is it just to know how the budgets are allocated, calculated or presented?

Why all men & women should understand the women & men in politics and their roles and duties?

Are we paying their pays?

Do we have right to question them?
Inquire them?

Ask them what ever we think should be clarified?  

Do the decisions or policies they make affects us?

Is every rupee at work?

Do we have right to do comparisons?

Do we have right to vote?

Yes this immature POLtical kid thinks everyone has the right to question and every right age female and male has the ‘right to vote’

Every structure of all Gam sabha, Kaaraka sabha, palath sabha pradesheeya sabha all apoliticals must clearly understand. That is because this kid thinks that all apolitcals has to deal with day today markets, transport, has to get services of the public offices, kids learn at schools, youth learns at Universities. Ladies and gentlemen are working at 

An apolitical too has a right to understand these things then it is easy to understand ‘how to use your vote’

Is it only the political who has given the right to vote?

NO! All apolitical are using their right to vote

Every corner every seat is important when it comes to ‘power’ dealings

I think every local should know or update their knowledge on the things that are happening locally also internationally. Every change, happenings around the globe, decisions taken worldwide etc

Is popularity a demanding factor or a an essential factor in politics this kid has to rely on what sources are reporting

Barrack Obama’s popularity falls to all time low – A news

‘The respected Quinnipiac University poll found that Mr. Obama’s approval rating had nosedived to the level of unpopularity faced by republican predecessor George W. Bush at the same stage of his presidency’

The Telegraphs Groups, London have reported

The same group is reporting that the Pope Francis may be at risk from Italian Mafia

Some news shows the decisions, procedures, some sort of strategies, methodology that can be taken, used to minimize, erase, or to eradicate , control some of the harmful or no use having things of the world. And such decisions or things sustaining are not just important locally i.e. Italy or in Japan but also worldwide

Another news reveled that Japan’s positions about ‘Nuclear power’ the news was presented under following title ‘ Koizumi calls for Abe to drop nuclear power’  (The Straits Times  / ANN )

The same news also mentioned that ‘Not only opposition parties but also a large number of government lawmakers have expressed support for his stance
It is not something one party or one lawmaker can come up within. We should seek the wisdom of experts & respect their conclusions
-           Junichiro Koizumi

Above news were penned & shared on The Island world views supplement (15 / 11 / 2013)
Some happenings of the world may not directly affects or influence the internal processes or locals yet there is always something for all or any community, country to gain from such world decisions, reactions, and changes

When it comes to analyzing affairs power related or state related it is wholesomely important to maintain any affair accurately, locally or internationally, in North or East, in West or in South. In London or at France No! No! We can’t forget India he is one of our big brothers of the region. This little brother SL needs his friendliness, neighboourly hand, and abilities to help others, his readiness to understand, help and listen 

I like this nocolonization , no colour is superior world and I like this libertiyfull, analytical, critical minds now than very before.

This POLitical kid thinks that every citizen is intelligent and is brilliant also this kid believes that there are no fools in this world No not even in apolitical world

The movie done on Lady Thatcher – The Iron Lady’s personality, political strategyful yet iron mind, helped a little for this kid to travels around globe of realities of POLtical within the movie time and even after    

There is no permanency or forever tags in POWER such as ‘POLITCAL’ I know that it is same with most the other things in life

I am thinking how difficult it might be for a person who is whole heartedly bonded to power arenas to staying away from it.  I am not only thinking of the POLItical giants that I have read about I am thinking of the village level leaders who leads samittees or sabha’s FA’s ( Funeral Assistant) or any other Grama sanwardhana samithi

The reality is the same in every level of power, this kid understand that at least a little  

Any adult who understand the impermanence of any power positions of this world has no issues even when they are away from any power houses but I guess most don’t understand it   

The deciding factor of any power position is ‘the vote’ of all. Kids don’t vote but some kids do vote because they are tall and mature enough to understand things better than some adults

This kid knows that the house that she and her sister live belongs to Anton sir not to her or to her sister. This kid never plans to sell the house they live fraudly to anyone. Thankfully this kid is mature enough to understand such things.  The ownership’ become the deciding factor the owners always have the right to decide  

AH!!!!!!!! Some neonates of most the Sabha mostly don’t know or don’t try to understand these things. There is huge difference between ones own deeds and the other ownerships such as mortgage or leased, rented regard to locations or premises or areas, places, buildings, vehicles

Even it is same with the ordinary citizens’ rightships towards the public buildings. Other than the pays every officer gets they have no right to use the money of the public or the money that are in the privately maintained accounts. Common sense.

Mage amme think of such neonates who don’t understand such ethics and rules of the world  for instance what will happen to the service hopers. What will happen when they become children, youth, middle age, old

I guess it is intelligent to keep such away from any power seat

This kid feels truly sad when she realizes that most the members take control over ‘people’s properties thinking that they are the ones who can decide whether others should live or die or how much they should keep for themselves and how much they should give to others to dance and luxury their lives.  There are politics in this world and also polytricks

The kids are always curious and want to know everything from the adults. So this time, this kid wants to know whether there are any ways to get any x rays of their inner areas, inner plans just before any candidate proceed towards any power seat and the voters towards ‘voting centres’

Every decision is important appreciations and punishments both plays and important roles in any power houses

In power arenas punishment is not always equal to ‘loosing power’ appreciations are not always equal to ‘votes’ that one gets

Appreciations are equal to how one maintains the power positions when given or taken. What they give in return to the ones who valued or appreciated or trusting their honesties in serving countries that too is important.  Above all ‘how the public is treated and in what way, these are the most important thing that is what this kid meant by writing all the above and below statements or assumptions or questions  
Questioning power of any citizen is as important as the ‘decision making power’ of the power positions

And analytical power of all, this too truly and honestly important
Who wants analysis on the importance of the ‘VOTING POWER’?

Ms Mallika Pinnawala taught us the meaning and weight of the term ‘charismatic power’ I learned these things for the first time back in 1995 at the University of Peradeniya, the UNIVERSE

Kids don’t understand the word ‘corruption and corrupted very well they ask from the adults

I think that is why the teachers always remind their students to read extra books, papers, history books written of POL and apolitical matters, subjects not just limiting their knowledge searching exercises only to the modules given at a certain point.

Every job seeker must find the job they expect that will not difficult if you have the right qualifications and have completed all levels of required education / qualifications.  And most importantly if the kids and adults use their ‘rights’ accurately with this regard these things never will be a issue

Definitely, the ones who seek jobs must feel happy about the concerns that the ‘job providers have over the job seekers, now a days. ‘Providing jobs’ this is one of the promises of the ‘power’ of all time

Economic adjustments or improvements all these can be a result of world economy but sustainability depends on stability of many things

This kid know NO economy or anatomy she only knows that ‘every qualifier should get what they should get’

World is changing every minute or so’

The knowledge is updating, rejuvenating, somewhere someone is taking decisions without really telling or not telling to the others. There is no need in telling everything to the others of private things ‘privacy has to be remain as privacy’

Some decisions don’t go over seas or touch international power houses, cabinets but stays within

Some decisions flies international, travels local or crosses continents

Some decisions important, locally and internationally

Some journeys such as Colombo - Chilaw often obstacles by invaders

Some things never should happen again

So this kid think s ‘understanding power’(f;reï .ekSfï n,h)is different to the ‘practical power’ (m%dfhda.slFj n,h)the most powerful or useful, applicable power is the human power, that is what this uninternational, illiterate  kid thinks  jvd fhda.H n,h ñksia n,h / msrsia n,h

Power of back bones is totally different to the ‘electricity power’ the doctors know this well than kids   

Oh! Electoral power is this equal to ‘brain/y power’?

What is MAN POWER did I mention this earlier

The kids normally don’t forget things easily but they need guidance every adult ( true) must watch what their kids are doing at schools and back home

This kid hates the weaponry power but this kid respect a lot and venerate before the true and fearless ‘INK POWER’

And this kid loves ‘music power’ ‘lyrical power’ ‘poetic power’

This ‘POLitical kid’ thinks that she should learn more about ‘power of the power’ staying away from all power houses

Aiyoooo this POLitical kid does not care much about ‘who is the most powerful of all –power’ of the world

I think the parents are the most trust worthy and the most powerful of this world. Their kindness has the healing power more than anything else

According to the BOOKS OF POLitical that this kid has read so far any power become no power when they are away from power.

Is money a power?

It depends

But power shouldn't be used as a way to obtain or gain ‘money power’, wrong way

But, certainly, ‘KNOWLEDGE POWER’ can be used as a non harmful way to earn money 

How the actual murderers should be punished, ‘this kid never questions’

How the killers of innocent men, women, children, should be punished, this kid never questions, this kid ‘claps’, bow - hats off

Taking Bribe or asking favours from the ones who expect services from the relevant authorities must ‘send back home’. They are ‘viruses’, they are highly killing infections, bacterial, POISONS to any society. Every wyq uq¿ has to be cleansed immediately, ASAP , totally

This political kid thinks that we need not only India but also Pakistan. We need not only Kazakhstan but also Afghanistan every network in hugely important.  
Every single community is important

This kid like women or men doesn't totally search histories of candidates ‘ they read the leaflets , they listen to the ads, read what experts say, read what good searchers, analysts say  we, the kids depends on such things we have no keys of the houses they live. We have no CCTV‘s fixed that provides updates of their doings actions dealings

So all the positions mentioned little while ago become more and more important everyday. They have a role to play other than doing their jobs that is to ‘educate public’ accurately of the ones who can candidate, willing to candidate

It is no point asking ‘values of their properties in advance
Get the chart of the values ‘within’. Show it to the voters

Power may have the power to change things of power at every stage of moving ahead or proceedings. Therefore ‘constant reporting’ that is what we need and important  

This kid needs impartial analysis not blind or immature analysis

Please remember, every candidate honest or hoping to be honest, willing not to lie to what you get ‘there are no fools in this world’ let me repeat

I wish you all an intelligent day & Happy and fruitful life !







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