Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weaving LIFE viewing through a WINDOW AND ..... Openness and Closeness of WINDOWS .......

 Weaving life .... viewing through a window .......

Why do we really need a window or a small thing that opens for an outer space? What do we really expect having such a thing in a room or in our house. Needless to say that is because we need some light or we like to escape from ‘darkness’.  

There are few ways that we obtain light. That are natural light and artificial light or else we can say ‘electronically generates light’. Here at this point or in this particular explanation how we get light is unimportant what is important here is that we need some ‘light’ to live.

That is a general explanation of ‘light’

We can explain ‘light’ in a very deepest way. can you think of the very deepest meaning of the word, light?

You and I may believe in different things pertaining to our own of life. i am trying to think of different ‘beliefs and faiths’ here. 

And about this term ‘light’ you may hold different views. You may think differently about things that are aforementioned.  You can change your way of thinking or setting up your minds according to your own religious beliefs and faiths. 

'light' is just a one thing that you can expect from having a window like things in your house or in your room.

You may also capture several other things . Those things can be uncountable or immeasurable.  What importance those things have when think of life and the importance of such things when trying to find solutions for your life matters.

You can observe 'people' moving here and there or from here to there. I mean you may see different people with different mind sets . 

No! it is not the people who teach you things, the nature 

The different shapes and sizes ,patterns ,the designs, of the sky. The birds, the plants, the man made roads, the dust that sometimes come as a storm in a busy town. .....

let's come back to people again ..

you can easily notice the people who go carrying different things in their hands or in their shoulders. some carry children, some books, bread and dhal etc. You can say things of the people looking at the things they go carrying. the size of the bag or the heaviness of the baggage or the things that contain tells you stories of their financial situations sometimes. 
The bicycles full of newspapers. They deliver news all around the city and sometimes they bring news to your door step very early in the morning. They all are so quick and fast they all are so quicker than me.

There are things that I have not mentioned here. i can't remember everything i see i don't keep notes on the things that i see or observe. 

what can you really see or the things that you really learn from them always depend on the way that you have learn to look at things. these are window lessons i like to add.
one can not really forget the importance of ones mood or the nature , the healthiness or unhealthiness  of her/his day. 

it is good to learn to look at things in a meaningful way . What is the point looking at things differently if you find no meaning or don't try to see things in a meaningful way.

Don’t forget here you try to see things through a window. 

You may don’t see an entire picture of something from a window.

But you can not expect to view more than what you really can see isn’t his true? if one needs to get a more clearer picture go more closer and have look at it carefully.

But rarely some may have the ability to see things that we don't see.

You should try to view something in a wiser way.

Including me.

You may don’t like to take anything outside from your room but you may bring a bag full of things from outside or in to your room.Good stuff or bad stuff. You sometimes don’t realize the importance or the value of these things.You bring in experiences to run your life further, move ahead and you save them somewhere in your heart or in your mind.....
These things are different to the things that you collate viewing through a window. It is good to walk out of your room for few hours to learn something new.

Do you have a specific place to store these things that you bring in?
If you store them somewhere in your room others can steal them. What if you store them in a place that the others can not steal?

In your heart?

You can even visit the other side of the world through a window.There is no limit to your ‘thinking’ I believe. 

So this picture that you saw at the beginning of this writing took me this far. pictures can take you around the world ..... 

(Actually above note I wrote few weeks back sitting in the corner of my window that faces the Ekwatte rd/ jubilee post …..

The following I wrote yesterday before leaving the place which gave me shelter for nearly two years) 

Openness and closeness of WINDOWS ……….
I like open them, the windows of my tiny room. That is the first job of my day. I want them wide open all day long, even during night. Then I can feel the wonder and the freshness of the cool wind that moves here and there so freely in and out of my room even during a very hot, sunny day.
People come and go like wind. They exchange or change places that they live, especially if you are person that lives outside of your hometown/home that is not so surprised. So this very soothing classic wind sometimes goes out with out even informing me and again comes back after sometimes and then again disappears in the fields of paddy or in a field of onion in Jaffna, or you may find her in a garden of roses in Nuwara Eliya.  

You never know about your ‘tomorrow’ but you can say things about your ‘Yesterday’ ……. 
An open window teaches you those things ……

Windows are so fascinating things for me. To see things clearly viewing through a window you need to have a clear and a conscious mind. You can not view a whole city, a village or you can’t view a person totally just looking outside of your window especially when it provides you limited viewing space but I am sure that you can see something and learn many things.

Today 25 March 2012

6.45 am …. It is raining here in Nugegegoda right now. I really can say that it is so lovely to view rain from here sitting on my window sill.  Rain, he is not new to me. He is my childhood friend. He is my university mate; he is my lover. This rain played so many roles during all these years of my life since my childhood to date. And he was a good friend of my father too we enjoyed chatting with him for hours together and sometimes we blame him for nothing.

When you close a window you see very little but you hear noises and voices, people talking, giggling. You see walls of your neighbours. The neighbours are not labourers but the laborers of the CMC comes I guess twice a week to their doorstep screaming then they have to come out of their sometimes locked houses.

 ‘kunu genda …. Kunu genda’ ….

It is so good to feel that they, we all can free from kunu at least for certain hours of a day thanks to the people who come to collect our daily kunu (garbage). They do one of the most important jobs in a country I think it is not that good to say that they are doing a job I think it is a wholesome service for us. 

‘We are a small country we have very limited lands therfore dumping and managing all these ‘kunu’ is not an easy thing to do when think of the rapidly growing population ,buildings everywhere or commercial entities how can we find a place for all that what we throw. Re – using is a good thing, re - cycling things we throw save us something and it minimizes wastage.

Honestly I am very poor in practicing such things. Sometimes we talk and talk, discuss but we don’t ourselves think of practicing what we talk or discuss or think is right.
I notice two kunu lorries that come to my area at least twice a week. I see them through this window.

People are very curious creatures they always want to know ‘what next’ kind of things. They also come out of their nests to see what is ‘new’ in the area. These windows of mine here in Ekwatte taught me that it is not ‘Music’ or dances that entertain people all the time there are other things. That is the nature of ‘people’ they enjoy and expect ‘some happenings ‘in their neighborhood.

It is till raining ….. Pothering
So I thought it is good to remind my friends ‘it is so good if you don’t forget to take your umbrella not only your wallet and the driving license’.  

Sometimes these windows kill your time then I think it is good to ‘get lost from this corner letting my sister to use the window corner for sometimes.

So these windows remind you of things and people and their conversations ……
I can’t recognize people fully viewing through this window of mine. Some just stop here for a moment when they just go passing my corner with their friends.

And there are people who enjoy my silly sitting here in this corner. I know that I can hardly read there faces.
My friends had asked me several times ....

“‘what are you doing there woman sitting in a corner…. You have no other things to do?”
They don’t understand that this is the only place that I can get some air or that I get a chance to breath freely.

A car turned very quickly from here ….

Reversing, driving straight, stop a little due to traffic those things are unavoidable if you are driving. No way can you go the way you like. The traffic lights, the traffic constables, the road users, you will have to stop in certain points of a road at least for few moments each time allowing the road users to move ahead or go crossing the road. I think that we can call ‘coordination and cooperation’ right?

Time …. I don’t know whether it running or flying. And I know and I learnt that time is a pain killer.
 I was planning to stop this writing exactly at 7. 00 before nangi leaves for her work but now it is 7.21.
 I am a very poor manager of my time. I think that those things generally happen sometimes especially if you are sitting near a window watching people that go passing you. Sometimes all of them steal your time also your attention then how can you stop looking outside especially if you have things to see.  

I never can forget the blind couple who always go passing me each morning holding each others hand. I like to wish them ‘aayu bo wewa!’  You two will surely meet each other even in your next soul. You sometimes bring tears to my eyes. 

This is not an immortal place for me but I can say every minute that I spent here gave me chances to read the faces of the people of Ekwatte and of others. 

This a lovely place to enjoy sending e mails to my friends even though I know that those things never fascinating them I decide this after reading their reply actually after watching their faces. Let me tell you this also I know that they are kidding me saying such things to my face I still write them. 

I will have to close this window today or tomorrow and I can say that I can seal it with a kiss because of the things it taught me. 

Thank you, Thank you Ekwatte for sharing a smile, a few words on your ways to here to there or to somewhere. And thank you the nasty ones who tried to show me your inner body parts that one should not show in public. Thank you the for the ones who tried to know and were so curious of what I am doing looking through a window … you taught me things … and thank you and good bye Sapumal and John I m sure that you ‘ll miss our site. 

I can see a sign board hanging over to a garbage bin indicating the importance of keeping a city clean all the time.

‘Ape gama sundara gamak karamu’ ….. This is a good message but let’s not be selfish.
‘Ape hema gamakma sundara gamak karamu’ ….. Shall we?

Good bye Ekwatte ….

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