Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello world this is SAND fm …………………….

Radio Ceylon, readypition , gramophones   such words and terms are no strange to the parampara ( generations) earlier to mine and slightly to the parampara that I belong to.  
Radio Ceylon 

but for me SLBC is no strange word though I knew only one or two sewawan (services) such as Welanda Sewaya provided by the SLBC.   My memories of listening to their sewavan goes back to my yester days , childhood days, small days of my life.  those memories are different to the experiences and memories that i collect and gain now

is it easy to handle kids for a programme? 

We remember listening to pirith chanting every morning.  That was the early morning habit of who ever owned not really little in size but fairly a large radio in their . Most of them were different shaped ones compared to the ones that we see these days. Radio though i could read the frequencies written on the outer surface of the radio and the numbers written I knew nothing about frequencies or about these two letters.  Even now I can confess that I know no A – z of this subject related to fm or radio handling.

There is not enough data in my memory devise as to when exactly this ‘Fmizing’ was setup for the first time in this world,  in the entertainment and news and many more lanes of frequencies, in the field of experiments.   Even I do not know what it stands for, the two letters - fm

I  assume as usual  like in all my deciding things and understanding things activities, methodologies, strategies  of life mostly based on my own instincts that fm is the shorten form of two big meaning.  Though it is just two letter word I think it is fairly a very heavy word or two letters. One never can take such letters in to granted or as a joke.  I know that I can easily browse relevant information or everything relate to the birth of fm’s including analysis of the terms relevant or applicable but I guess this way of writing is enough and satisfying .  though I only address a limited number of readers I do not think that I only address the associates that know the subject well but I know that there is enough of information for browsing purposes.

So since the very first days of establishing and popularizing the term fm parents and youth all became so fond of this they thought this as a very good carrier opportunity for them to go beyond their dreams, and for their kids and grownup children as well.  I noticed a trend all these years that parents are pushing their children to obtain relevant knowledge from institutions available in the country and internationally for learning some of them we know are recognized, popular, identified as a good places to study the subject. So that their children can find a carrier opportunity a bit of voice contribution in to the field of ‘voice is an important equipment, tool, instrument’ and the ‘danno danithi groups’ people who are aware of it very well aware that the concept of fm can be used as a mediator of change’, a facilitator of improvement and that is not just of single sector but in many varied areas.

This very powerful ‘for people from people’ interrelated concept, tool one has to identify or recognize accurately so that they can use it as a ‘voice of human’

Following is no insult to any living or dead please note that everything I have noted here are fabricated and wrote only for the purposes of emphasizing the importance of some of the things that we hear everyday including as a media to express my own views on certain things of the society that were in my mind for a long time plus that I think should be addressed or take in to people’s consideration and of the authorities, administrations of relevant groups. Also I think that some of the things are adjustable, and can give some things a second thought before keeping what so ever before the public. I do not say I have not broken any such ethics during my essaying, without my knowledge I may have done it or that is because I know nothing of the subject of radio or fm – activities.

A conversation a dialogue between a presenter and a fan – a listener
Fan:  hello is this sand fm?

Presenter: Helllllllloooooooo!  Yes you have tried my line right on time
May I know who is speaking there and from where?

Listener:  yes my name is ‘definition’ and I am calling from ‘apahasuthagama’
Presenter: Oh welcome to my show  ‘ songs for a better dialogue’ , ‘dear definition’
Listener: Thanks, thanks!

Listener:  so is this nosell

Presenter: No I am not Nosell

My name is shewill

Listener: Sell?????????????

Presenter: I think your line is not clear I understand your difficulties and apahasuthas in connecting with my programme definition Please put h and other letters some where it is applicable alright and then pronounce as you please.

Listener:  why don’t you choose a name that everyone can understand and pronounce so easily like ‘definition or confirmation? You don’t use your really, real names no?  

Presenter: actually I have tried to change my name Shell in to shall or social but what to do this is what I got that is ‘shell’.

Listener: may be you should begin a contest ‘suggest a name’ kind of?

Presenter: well we’ll think of it later? you just try to listen to what we are giving to you. What authority you have to suggest such things for me?

 Listener:  hahahahhah! Alright, alright shell. Can you replay your scheduled to be aired list of songs please?


Oh! Sure why not

-          Maa baala kaaaale
Midule weli maaligawe

-          Eya horen horen yanne mata paaduwei

-          Jaya apatai jaya apatai  // athana methane kothena giyath

-          Behai kiyala behai kiyala beah thatu lebune piyabanna behai kiyala beha
     Epa unoth heta owna wei naawoth eyata tharaha hithei
Badagini welaa maa giya kala puthuge geta menalaa wee tikak dunnai mallakata
Kumbuke linda langadi
-          Kurulu game kurulu gedara kurulu kumari
-          Haa haa hari haawa kele medin aaawa hita gena ganga gaawa pen ugurak beewa

Listener: Please play ‘ badagini welaa maa giya kala puthuge geta for me , for my wife, my neighbours, Kalu maama, lindalanga gedara nenda , Kalu nangi, redipition gedara akka and for all apahasuthagama families and friends

Presenter:  alright but before that let me move on to a commercial break and come back with ‘badagini welaa maa giya kala puthuge geta’

Listener : but before that let me tell you one thing I do not want to listen to any HR J songs via your fm channel I listen to ‘jothimath Jothi Raathriya’ every night  so give me the one I requested  or any song like in  the play list of ‘dahasak mal’ 

Do you know Dilrukshi by the way? I like her voice

Presenter:  Alright , alright   you are a very little difficult listener.  Listen definition don’t ask me any other names famous  don’t you think that shell is famous and good too?  

Listener: Yeah I asked only one thing no that is I do not want any HR J songs via your  fm ok I ‘ll agreed to all your other conditions no sand fm though they are just useless requests.

Now let me move on to very commercial break that I think will going to break all your barrier lines.

Hello friends you all don’t have to be sad anymore during any of your walkings. The sandy’s shoes are there to help you. We have introduced a new pair of solution that is a pair of ‘Sandals’ for all your aches and pains of heels.  And, and, and There is special pair designed for Sandy beaches of any Islands.  We assured ‘no disappointments’.  What do you say all countries friends?

This is new. This is fascinating.

Once tried, you will get no feelings of tiredness.

So for a so far so good, safe for any bath in and out,  swims local or international try this out  ‘no sand soap’.
I think before we move on to ‘Sand’s Opinion corner’ shall we listen to a good ‘motivation song’? 

‘How about ‘we are the world, we are the champions’ shall I play it from the pavilion end or around the wicket?  This is only for champs by heart and mind


No actually let me tell you straight, that is definition’s way I do not want to listen to any English songs now. To tell you frankly I watch ‘beautiful eye shuffle’ on channel Eye’ every Tuesday at 9.30 pm. So no thank you for your English songs sand fm.   Sorry to disappoint you Sand fm.

Presenter:  this is really unfortunate you know you say you do not want to listen to any HR J’s songs because you listen to jothimath jothi gee of  siyalu kala mekala and you watch eye shuffle every Tuesday and telling me you don’t want any English songs that I choose that is unfair you know. ok tell me one reason as to why we should run sand fm within such neglecting and idiotic  refusals from fans and listeners like you ? If you don’t care sand fm but care all other fm s is that reasonable or fair enough.

Because of unfair attitude of our dear listeners I think we must stop playing any other songs via this fm sand fm but, but  remember this thing in your mind though we don’t play any songs in the future we will not stop any other programme we have been aired like ‘sand’s opinion corner’. Do not forget that the programme ‘sand’s opinion corner will be handled by handsome Trendy - Randy.
Welcome to ‘Sand’s opinion corner for a change or for a huge change. you ‘ ll 

never be cornered in anywhere any place any seminar, any of any.

I do not say that this world is full of opinions, or full of sand. I can say that this world is good for sand. Or this world is tooooooooooooo good for sand. Often my fans phone me and say that ‘rocks – rocks’ than sand. Do you know what I told the guy?

I said ‘rocks are rocks’.  Sands are sand.  Rocks are not sand. 

So he was so happy about my opinion about sand and rocks and he said you are rocking yaaar.  I said don’t call me yaaar you can call me either jaan or sajan if you like but I am not your sajahan and I have no plans to build any Taj Mahals.  

So you watch Hindi movies? He asked me like a thunder storm. He could have asked it in a good way no little bit pleasant way no?  

Otherwise how can I learn bit of Hindi yaar? That was the reply that I gave the guy.

Do you speak Sinhala? I really wanted to ask this from that guy you know.

No because you speak Hindi no why should we learn Sinhala? He asked me in return?

Let’s start some ‘cultural exchanges’ by you learning Sinhala me learning Hindi?
How about that? I suggested that as well. did I suggest any other things before?

Even you can do that via Kathakali or Bhratha Naatyam? Am I right. He was a unstoppable guy he kept on asking me questions that could not even answer properly.  

What Anarkali? Though he did not want to tell he is a Sinhalese movie fan that is what I understood.  

No I do not think Anarkali knows Bharatha or Kathakali but I can assure you that she knows all Ballet, ballroom, cha cha and, and, and Taaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnngoooooooooooo! Very well what do you say news – daily alerts.  ( news daily – alerts is my co – worker)

Do you know break dances? I asked the guy just give it a difficult dancing step to practice.  I was disappointed after hearing his answer.

No once my left leg broke because me trying to learn break dance so the kind doctors advised me to not to dance but to listen to some good music.


That is why you tried Sand fm?

Yeah otherwise fm’s can’t teach their fans how to dance no because how to teach actions and movements of dancing via frequencies?

Words and vocals have limitations no?

But …………………

What is your name by the way?

I m ‘hitha honda’ from Hindagala

So hitha Honda you should know that we can give you some good music and some good advises too what you can do is go to a good dancing teacher and learn and practice afterward at home with fm music. Sorry to disappoint you hitha Honda we have decided not to play any songs ask your favorite DJ he might help you.

They might have any type any kind any sort

 Yes Jaan

Thanks for your advice

Welcome! Welcome!

You know actually these are not my opinions I downloaded all these from ‘my net’  ‘company’ ‘network’

You have wisdom darling that is why you do so?

Let’s listen to the news bulleting around the clock

Nigerian women now are ready to fight against any health carelessness of the services of the authorities’ current or future thanks to the immense support of the big networks.
NNP reports that in a far away tiny Island there were some good reporters have died but very, very trusted sources revealed that the report is a false and a fabricated one therefore the world have to keep an eye on the fabricated reports and do the needful to refuse, talk against such harmful for any group, society and for the sustainability of its peace agendas, schedules.  The ‘always – walker’ said yesterday that no one can be a good reporter just by touching things from the surface and just by single visit to any area or to any far way Islands. The Walker also added that he says these things through his own experiences talking to very experienced, impartial, have always maintained good eyes on what so ever fabricating against any society or any tribe isolated or famous  they are very good set of good reporters of the very same land and outside to the same land. 

The world organization for  worldly good cinematographers have suggested to the world leaders that they should build at least a single cinema hall in each of their countries particularly to show the movies Created by Islanders that is to enhance better understanding of ‘ the cultures of all Islands’.  They have added that without trying to understand cultures, norms and value of each and every society it is no easy to understand the creations of their worldly value creators, cinematographers of the lands.

The great, great grand son of Mr. always recognized Akira Kurasowa has questioned the world lyricists why they do not think of maintaining  a data base of local lyrics translating each and every song in to international language specifically in to English. 

The local authorities have decided to meet each and every family member of each and every performer, artist of the Kandy perahera ( parade) to check whether they face any obstacles or any other things during their living and participations that they think is essential to improve their engagements in Traditional form of arts and also to encourage and improve the participation especially of the young generation of the traditional families who have been contributing their talents and time to the sacred Dalada Perahera. Also for better performances and for their continuous participation this will be beneficial and can be used as a tool of  immediate appreciation

The responsible authorities reveled to sand fm administration that there is a special plan to be established to organize a competition for ‘good road users’ without really letting them know in prior to the competition, award ceremony not just to surprise them but to encourage and appreciate their ‘good ways of driving and walking along the roads’.  The categories are as follows ‘ the very disciplined driver of the year’, very disciplined ‘pedestrian of the year’. And for the awards the International road users association will be sponsoring with so much respect to all local and international road rules. This will be particularly an ‘effortless but useful competition’. The list or the finalists will be chosen watching and viewing the ‘CCTV’ cameras hidden and fitted along the roads, near colour lights etc.  The soul decider of the finalists and of course of the winners will be the department of Traffic, SL Police.  And if they found out that any one from their departments have broken any of the road rules they will be immediately transferred to an isolated site not as punishment but truly as a learning experience.

The ministry of fruits said that they are doing a survey to find out the sellers or producers, growers who are encouraging to use or injecting any artificial things/chemicals to fasten the process of ripe the fruits that are no good for consuming in the long run that is to safe guard the good health of fruity consumers.

Time is exactly 1. 11 pm you are listening to sand fm and now is the time for ‘IF - questions’ copied straight from daily viewers of the mirrors of the world all – existing ’.  here are the questions my friends

If you ever get a chance to meet the future president of United States of Africa what would you do?

if you think that J K  Rowling will definitely be the next queen of kingdom of children though she is the one and only queen of  all children’s Universe what would you suggest her that she should definitely do for them other than writing Harry potter? Any charity ?

If you get a single chance to help a woman who lives far a way area who is struggling to find a job or start a self employment of her own how are you going to help her?

If you think that you have some ability for instance to write poetry how are you going to use your talents for the sake of the human of this world?

If you think that you are outspoken than the other women/men of your age do you think that you must be proud of that talent or not if not why?

If you think that you are defeated or competed by somebody for instance a member of your youth club do you think you should take revenge and lead other ones too for taking revenge and enjoy what you were doing or else you must think of the improvement of your own future by steadying and strengthening your mind by learning or studying further well and live a happy life?
If you think that you are the only woman/man that face problem and struggles from the entire world what do you think of the other women/men of this world who do not faced or do not face a single dispute of any sort?  

If you think that you can list good things or help that you have offered or supported for the people around you starting from your own family, siblings what can you write on top? And similarly if you think you have  done a single thing to confuse, mislead, misguide, spoil any situations, mind of anyone what sort of doings comes on top of your list?

If you think that education is a ladder for success what do you think of the people who have not been up to a certain accepted levels in their ladder of education and won life. What is the logic or the rationale that you could find within that structure of achievements, or how are you going to clarify, signify them?

‘Conscious mind contest’ for ‘any age groups’
Here are the terms and conditions

You can’t use singular words when answering
For instance

You can’t use same word twice
For instance; I went to market to fetch a fish but there were no fish in the market because all gone for dried fishing.  

 How many markets have I used in the sentence I wrote?

 So I am out of the competition ‘conscious mind’

And there are few other regulations and restrictions so listen carefully before you entering in to the ‘ words are always better only when you use them wiser way’ competition
 ‘you can not use negative words? For instance
Not sure
  But we give fullest marks for all who use positive and encouraging words during the contest.
Though the reality is little hard to accept we do not always use our words only to improve , enhance or promote our own or other people’s skills thinking we often misuse them for personal or during private matter dealings.  Words are there to be respected shall not use them to hurt or confuse people that is the core message , vision of the sand fm.

Thank you friends for listening to sand fm ………………………….. 




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