Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some silly questions from Miss me the Silly to the wisest ……………

DEAR WORLD LEADERS what do you think that you should do to save SYRIA ? 

Friends dear to me and to all do you think that above my question is a silly question and i shouldn't have asked it that way?

i know that according to the topic i have chosen to explore my brain lanes today, is a one sided question. if you only talk of questions then you will have to forget the 'ANSWERS' for the questions we have or the topic or the term called ' ANSWERS' or how to give answers or what type of answers we should give or find.

so let me postpone talking or discussing about 'answers' for now and stick to my explanation only to the words 'questions'; silly, fool or wise.

It is same with the topic - 'questioning' or 'questions' when you raise a question that touches only a part of a question, issue or just a single facet of a question then you might forget all other facets or sides of it. it is no easy truly to form a question for exams for instance, and analyze a question and list answers.
it is no easy to build or give a complete answers thinking of all sides of the question, issue we have or that we were asked. most of the time we get only a limited time period to find , write or draft an answer for the questions we were asked. finding solutions are always very challenging. it is more challenging to find a complete or very accurate answers for any questions we have or we are asked.

i guess questioning is good. unless you question something people never revel their opinions , or what they think of particular subjects or of things of this world or their answers. we must question the 'big' 'small' ' all' if we have something to clarify?

i think it is good if we can think of a way before we thinking of asking any questions from anyone.
let me move on to my topic of the day....................... mentioned and titled above.
Do you think that we always ask wise or intelligent questions? 


Who ask the wise questions then if you think that we always ask the silly, foolish questions?  

If you ask wise questions then people say ‘you are wise’.  Then if you ask silly questions then people definitely might say ‘you are a fool’. People enjoy or like saying or using the word fool than wise to others. What is the most used word in the word? Is it wise or fool? What is the word or the words that that people are very stingy to use I like to ask you that way? ‘You are a good man’, you are a good woman’, ‘you did a good job’, ‘you did an excellent job’, do you really hear people say or use those words for people very often?. Does it mean that there are no eligible people for us to use such wordings? 

How are you going to weigh or measure the importance of using such words?  Can’t we find at least a s single opportunity or so called good qualities of people/person for us to use such words for people. it is true that we can't peep in to people's inner areas like we peep in to the rooms of privatized of people. What are the reasons that we don’t very often hear people say or use such words? i know that there are some words that we can't use regularly because we deal with human/people.

Don’t you think that when we use 'encouraging words', words of appreciations, words to boost, motivate only for a certain group, individual. and don't you think that we always, mostly or once in a way neglecting to appreciate the so called good or skills of people. Or else we ignore the good things that others do. i think because we only focus on one particular thing many other things, people go unnoticed? then we don't see harmfuls, we do not noticed 'good to catch' good to view, good to talk things, people. Why is that? Every person has something to appreciate. That is what we forget always. 

We think fools are fools they never can be wise. Wise are always wise and that there is no possibilities for wise to say or do foolish things. Am I right?

Do these so called wise people stay wise forever the fools must remain as fools for forever?

I used to always think that people on top always are the wise and the people who does or known as doing lower graded jobs are comparatively very uneducated or illiterate. I used to always ask who ever I meet that was as a kid ‘ oya O/L pass da? Have you got through O/L s?  When you are in the first grade or so 5th grade scholarship exam period or in the O/L classes those were the big exams you knew. So during those years you think that who ever doing their A/L s are wise or educated that was how I thought at the beginning and then you think around ‘A / L s and other exams, university entrances etc.  During all these weighing, measuring, thinking you climb one step and two step or step by step in the ladder of not necessarily ‘education’ but the ladder of maturity or it is easy to use the word ‘age’ then you start thinking little, slightly, mostly, often or differently about grading people or their level of education or understandings on certain or particular things. Not only that but also you start using various or different measurements for the things you think is should weigh or are weighable. 
Therefore I sometimes think that people always become good givers only when they get opportunities to use fools or mad, bad words other than the words wise or mature good very good or any words going parallel to those words.

I have some silly questions for good wise people. Basically the way is to once you prepared a questionnaire you should show it to at least couple of people to get their ideas , for suggestions without using it straight away but what to do i did not go to work today :)  

1)     Why people murder people?
2)    What do they use to murder people
3)   Who manufacture them
4)   Why manufacture them
5)   Why wise do not arrest the weapon when they exactly know that it is the weapon who involved in such activities not the person that the wise thought or think must arrest. Who is responsible for the so called murder incident that had happened in the world for all these years of its existence?

6)   Why the wise don’t call the, any ‘weapon’ as 'murderer' but why they use the word murderer for the person who carries or uses the weapon or any weapons to harm anyone ? (do not forget that there is a set of group that has the legal authority to use weapons when ever necessary for the sake of security of any Nation) am i right? 

7)    Why some do not go and arrest the top world manufacturers for manufacturing killing weapons or poisonous weapons but only the person who use them? (Dear God I really don’t understand these things do you?)

8)   And don’t you think that the wise should arrest not only the weapon but also the vehicle, plain, ship, jet, which carry or transport such what so ever weapons from place to place, region to region, Africa to Asia, Europe to Asia around the world? (Why am I asking these silly questions I do not understand do you understand these things dear world?)

9)   Why none of them have arrested the ones ‘who have innovated such things’ so far of all these years why some have got scholarships or awards for their innovations instead?

10)  Why some think that it is only ‘others’ should do something ‘good’ to ‘other/s’ not themselves?

11)   Why some don’t spend a single penny for the benefit of their own people but think that it is only ‘others’ must do so and if find any or slight weaknesses during what so ever doing or giving then go and report? To whom? To the wise? What have those wise done to you, to your family or to our tribe, society, country?  Where were they before when you need a painkiller for relief did anyone send single painkiller, a tablet of vitamin, a rupee to rebuild your house?

(What am I asking? I think I am trying to walk along a wrong track? Don’t worry.  I often forget the styles – previous I used to ask questions or verify things. You don’t mind don’t you?) (I am not a wise please don’t forget that alright)

12)  Why some wise always listen to one or few not to the ‘all’ or ‘most’ in deciding things?

13)  What is the most suitable place or a society, area, country to hold a ‘big gathering of big people’? How are you going to select a place? What are the criteria of selecting? Can you find single society that has not committed a single crime or done mistake even in their dreams? Are you planning to choose such a place? Can you assure of yourself that you have not contributed to hurt anyone even in your dreams? How are we going to weigh or measure ourselves, our own societies we live? Are we belonging to the wise or to the fool? Which category? Perhaps we must create a category in between wise and fool, a middle category. Any suggestion for a name of the category’ lets say ‘no fool- no wise’ ‘ wise – fool’  I m not asking these only from the SL’s I m asking this from all senators, volunteers, states, organizers, organizations, committees, singles, individuals, I am asking this from the whole world?

Before I go in to my other type of questions let me tell you all one thing that is please do not give any weight to the numbers I have used here for the questions that I have asked.
I do not know whether we have questions than other things to ask in this world.

14)  What a fool I am if someone or somebody or anybody asking something that definitely has to be a question no?

15)  ‘Where in the world ‘footpaths are’ located?

16) Where is what? Who is who?  

17)  What is hat?

18)  Where is pat?

19) Who introduced tap dancing Jamaicans, Reggae, Rahul Dravid?

20)  then who introduced cricket? The Indians?

21)  Then who built the Taj Mahal? A European?

22) Then what is the English’s introduced? Football?

23) Who introduced what so ever who is using them?

24) The whole world right?    
My God we definitely must thank to the ‘questions of the world’ otherwise we people have nothing to communicate, nothing to write, nothing to analyze, nothing to discuss, no reason to gather together.  

25) Mostly, why people need a reason such as, issues, obstacles, poor, weapons, alcohol, cocaine, droughts, fights, inflations, differences, exams, for people to get together for a discussion.

26)What is liberty to eat or read or walk?

27)  Do people have liberty to sing a song they like if they don’t have ‘singing abilities’?  

28)  Why some like dancing not singing?

29)Why some good in art not in crafts?

30)Why some hack or tap other people’s computers phones?

31)  Are you innocent? Who asked this from whom?  

32) Why some areas are flat not vallyied?

33) Why is this world so beautiful?

34)Why have I (Miss silly) thought of writing silly questions to the not silly?

35) Where in the world that you can find Green - snow?

36)                Why we differentiate green from dark green or green from Australian green? Do you know?

37) Why we think things like eggs we should handle tenderly but brains, hearts and minds the way we want?

38)  Why we go for blenders when we have hiramanayas ( the coco -nut graters)

39)                Why we go to various places when we can buy, purchase, read what we want from, in one shops, libraries, for instance __________________ fill the gap using appropriate word

40)Why people often or mostly say ‘mind your own businesses?

I m fed up of asking questions therefore I must stop asking questions and think of ‘how to live without thinking of questions’

Good day!



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