Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, September 9, 2013

Lost (?) and found - in retrospect of ‘Nidhanaya’

[It is truly a heart soothing news to hear that ‘Nidhanaya’ the one of the best pieces of art drawn and painted on the canvas of silver screen by Veteran film director Dr. Lester J. Pieris that was in 1972 is reassured the sustainability of the production thanks to few (?) main personalities.

The leading role of the movie creation called ‘searching for Nidhanaya’ once a lost treasure for the sake of future’ was headed, planned and played by popular talented master like brilliant actor that our country, the Sinhalese Cinema own that is Mr. Ravindra Randeniya.

Thanks to the news shared and the good care procedures taken to protect the one of the original copies, a treasured copy in deed ( Nidhanaya) that has sent to India in 1974 by the National Indian Film Corporation now can view not only for good people of Venice but also any other organizers, good will people. Very including Canes and all other groups/personalities who are privileged to use the protected copy and now they can be happy and breath libertyfully. 

Now we all have a better copy worth keeping not only for the group, country that it produced also for them who were originally gave them the recognition that it deserved with no doubt or hesitations that is Venice.

And actually this is a lesson for most of us, groups, countries, authorities that ‘people need to protect their what ever treasured creations, not only movies but also all the valuable copies that contain ‘lessons for life’, books any type or written under various or any subjects. The whole world needs to think about it.

So the particular news and the procedures followed by the good hearted people took my heart and brain around some other lane of thinking. Following my essay is one of the results of it]

I am thinking of how to understand these two words - ‘lost and found’. How people/persons are going to find about the things they have lost. How exactly they can identify them.

I think if they have lost something first and foremost they needs to understand that they had something earlier and have lost them by now or are not with them, on the shelves they have kept, in the lockers they have kept, or in the lanes of their memories. Then only one can go in search of it, can think of ways to find them, and can take necessary actions to find them, how to restore them later, how to protect them further. All these things they can list leisurely I suppose.   

Though it is not strange that people lose things and finds them again or lose them forever most the things depends on what you lost and how you lost may be the place too important in the planning stages of their ‘how to find them’. I am thinking of a way to analyze the two things ‘misplacing’ and ‘losing’.  What similarities that these two words hold when compared with the word ‘lost’ ‘losses’

I know that when people lose something they go in search of them according to their own memories they just try to revise their memories, think of the places they were wandering before, hanged around, and people they met. Then they go to their immediate vicinities or to the places where they can easily reach and ask if necessary the people around, trying to get some clues, hints of what they are looking for.

Then most probably if they think that they can not find them alone then they go for alternatives. Get help from outside, friends, etc. etc.
We can not forget here all depends on the value and demands or the importance of the lost things what values that it holds for them. If they think that it is worth go in search of it then people follow necessary procedures. Some things are hereditary; some things that we lose are belong to ones unforgettable memories, parampara, loved, close, near and dear ones some things may signifies materialize ones achievements.  Some materialized things may show their efforts and contributions some things may value more than currencies or more than they think is valuable.
Finally from most of the ‘found’ things it is not just a single party or a group, individual that gets the benefit of it. not just a single parampara, society, group, country that uses them in future for various ‘ common, public or worldly good things including their processes of ‘learning’.

Any ‘once used must throw away later’ procedures are not applicable or belong to treasured procedures. ‘Use and then protect’ that is a good, few sets of words I guess. Do not know whether the world would agree with that saying.

People lose things not just because of carelessness or ignorance only. Some loses are happening also due to other external or internal factors. They mostly play the leading roles of their life/lives as life changing factors. Carelessness and ignorance are two of the internal factors only.  

Internal factors; what are they really?

Lack of understanding

No respect to each other or for the things that they have got
Inabilities of understanding what is right and what is wrong

Keep on practicing or continuation of same errors for a long a period or without really trying to understand them and to correct them.

Due to the things lacking within the procedures of gaining or receiving advises as to what best procedures to choose and then follow

Lack of guidance or supervision

Any other facts, reasons ……………… I will keep some space for you friends to add and complete the list of facts
Let’s try and analyze the above terms and words by diving through ones heart and mind.

Some of the above are just a few of the other loads of factors that exists within ones own internal locations (heart and mind) and apart from that within the other premises that we destined (?) to live and die. Some things are Very Personal I might add.

Family related factors they too play immensely valuable roles that may lead or carry forward ones destinies, pre planned agendas or procedures of ones life, during their efforts of ‘searches’ of life or destinies, knowledge, education.     

Most the other things discussed things also belong to the category of ‘External factors’. It is little harder to differentiate ‘internal factors with or and external factors. The reason is that most of the internal factors may appear before any ones destiny or life as result of most the external factors faced, influenced affected one life.

And most the external factors that we may tend to analyze during our life journeys are depends on time and era of the situation faced or exists. And factors internal or external mostly show the exact era, groups, categories, divisions various, backgrounds that any person belonged or belongs to under any available knowledge or technology advancements. I personally think that such things comes on top of the list of factors that are affecting to change, find or turn up side down ones life.

I do not think that every person is rich in everything. Some are rich in knowledge. Some are rich in most the things. Some can manage their things without getting any outside help but for some things it is truly and really necessary to get outside support for better survival during their searching procedures.

All situations or incidents that are directly or indirectly affect ones life mostly are external factors. Sometimes it is hard to deviate or differentiate them from each other. Even a small incident that relate to ones life may have the greater influences in changing , losing or lead ones life to achieve things.

During this ‘lost and found’ procedures of people’s lives I know that they sometimes go in search of books. I know that there were some days that me and my father used to go from book shop to book shop to find what he think is good for me to read. The ‘Gunasena Book shop’ was one of such places. They are celebrating their 100 years of brilliance in selecting and serving what is good for their Nation.
Happy Birth Days and celebrations dear Gunasena Book shop!
You were one of them masters that I like to associate with confidence.   

Some things are not necessarily come your way as positives the negatives too have the quality of changing ones life. a reel of a cinema or negatives of any creation or snap shots these too without any doubts brings something good in to people’s lives. Therefore protection of such thing are immeasurable important. Loosing things too may lead your life towards various directions than when you are achieving things. I remember that I there were no any flat forms for me to say exactly what I wanted to say to the society or to the people for instance I was not a very language Englished person compared to now. I think I am now in grade 02 thankfully. Everything or every big place have their own styles, rules and regulations attached with their institutions ‘the level of quality’ they maintain is exceptionally and incredible very high. Therefore it was not easy for them to give a chance for me, for my poorly formatted and written stuff that were not up to their standards but this was before I started footpath. I had little problems in essaying in my own local language.

So …………….. I was like a person who was wandering here and there searching a place to convey messages, share what I truly believe I was like a person who has lost things in life but that was before I started this blog. All rejections were very fair and were reasonable and they never were unfair to me. Now no one can reject my opinions or put them in to any bins because I am the authorized handler of footpath though there is a possibility for others to do bit of this and that thanks to the technology or hacking abilities of the advanced or superiors of their talent lane . Other than that I am truly and really confident that I write what ever I want and I want to say to my own people or to the world. But I do not think that I ever harm any one‘s reputation or dignities via footpath. There was no such intention behind my essays or in my essaying. I am not confessing here or ‘purajeruwak kiayanawa’ I m not exaggerating my self but I write this with self satisfaction. I am happy that I never tried to lose what anyone owns via footpath. I do not think that anyone cried reading thinking that they lose something because of my essays or what I write. There is a slight chance that some may possibly lose their temper due to my writings.  I do not know whether all who read my essays are truly and by heart accepting or happy about what I write.  I often try to understand things or standards of what I write via what others are writing with good wishes, and via the things that they say to my face or behind, or in parallel to my walking : - ]

Today (09/09/2013) afternoon a lady got in to the bus I was in , 168 Kotahena – Nugegoda. She was wearing an ‘orange colour skirt and a blouse and was trying to selling ‘Iranama ( Destiny) a tiny printed version that enclosed details of horoscope readings for the year. She was selling it for 20 rupees. She said that she is selling them to find bread and butter, exercise books for her kids. I am thinking whether one can go in search of destiny.  I am not sure whether she has thought by selling what were in her hand will ppush her forward to find her destiny or write her destiny. The printed versions of ‘iranama’ (this is the direct meaning that I can think of now –‘Destiny’). This I know available in the markets, bookshops -some since my childhood I do not know how old that little print the horoscope forecast is now?

Anyways …………………………

I do not think that others got the talents to change or write ones’ destiny but I am sure that others may add this and that or tiny bit of things to the way that one lives, all others are part of your life because you definitely have to deal with a lot of people at carrier places, markets, playgrounds - clubs, institutions at the busses such things are inevitable.

So I was wondering about her destiny who was trying to selling the iranama written of others to who ever she meets in the busses along the roads? Was she showing a path to others to read their destinies? Mostly on the front page of that printed version you can observe ‘the Goddess Laxmi’ looking at you with the hands full of gold coins flowing like a waterfall towards ground. Goddess Laxmi is popularly known as the Goddess of Prosperity, wealth.     

Some go in search of treasures Like Willie Abeynayake. Some steals the treasures searched by others. For instance remember once somebody tried to steal what were kept in the Museum. They are treasured things of a country. Treasured or treasures one might calculate the values not in a narrow minded way but in a broad minded way. I thought.

Yes exactly like Nidhanaya revels I have read earlier that people mostly women (?) who have sacrificed (this is rare) their lives because of the people who were go in search of treasures. Often I noticed some who trailing not just to find their treasured spots but with the treasured ones towards their lanes of destinies/life.
Some looks like the ones who always willing to help them and like to provide necessary or required guidance. And hands of some looked, look their always willingness to help who ever expecting their help are or were carrying huge, heavy backpacks riding behind to the ones that they like winning life again towards their ‘further’- futures.
I do not think that all or every backpack contained treasured stuffs. To take what so ever lane or path, networks people have the choices where to go or with whom to go. Some go to their places of destinies, treasured, or destined to own before others while some others always taking their own paths to their destinies. Some take the right turns while some take the left lanes.

So the group has turned towards a right direction to find the a reel a copy of treasured creation to right places now everything seemed alright.  Some turns are full of illusionaries, masks in way that they think is possible to mislead or cheat others.

I do not know whether this my essay will add laziness or forever lost feelings in to ones life.  
Anyways have a good life ahead and take care of all your treasured things inner and outer.       



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