Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, November 8, 2013



‘Commonality’ becomes one of the main reasons for any groups to work together, gather together, discuss things together that is to achieve best results in related to their objectives aims and goals in particular

Think of peer groups, normally any peers who holds similar interests in what they believe, what they like to talk, talk about what they think is right , the things they like to discuss, things they like to hear, watch, always or mostly belongs to one group or they come as a one group. That is the basic picture that comes in to my mind about ‘peers’ or any who holds similar interests compared to each other

Then they have things to talk, look for solutions of their matters, if any but when it comes international affairs, countries, big communities, zones, territories, continents, ‘globe’ we know that they don’t gather to talk about movies or art or music in particular unless it is something to do with ‘International movie creators foundation, ‘international music composers association or something’ there are artists and foundations enough of them I guess to talk about such things

When it comes to other things such as if there is any big decisions to be made, or the things that ordinary citizens can't decide, any matters that needs to take immediate actions, to stop mafia, to stop any gang killing, stop international crimes, terrorism, matters like ‘poverty’, any common matters related to zonal or territories, communities there is a very limit that others can do because most the things are need the involvements of the ‘power of decision making or of decision makers’ plays an important role here

And once decide on something there are other procedures to follow for such also the involvements of the authorities are essential, i.e. ‘policies needs to be made’ and finalize in these processes heads of governments have a huge and important role to play

Initializing , planning , find capital, setting up things at right places, involvements of relevant authorities, their approvals, all these things have many things to do with the top authorities, the heads of governments , LEADERS


To set up any organization, community, foundation there has to be a need for that. The need should arise within a community, zone, country, and region, world. That is what happens normally

Think of the organization that were setup after WW1 WW2 etc
To fight against common problems, problems related to the community we live, zone or territory we live ‘we must work together’ decide together’

There are issues common to the whole world, some are specifically affects only to a certain regions or zone or territory, some may only effects to the people of SA ( South Asia) , some may only applicable to the countries of OPEC, SAARC , depends.

Yet one can not say that others never will face the issues that the people of SA faces or Iran or Iraq Faces or the issues that arises in Afghanistan, some socio economic or political changes are unpredictable.

Therefore it is always good to discuss things together in order to prevent any obstacles in the future, learning from each others experiences is the most wiser thing to do I believe.

The experience of Uganda is different to the experiences, socio economic or political situations of Cyprus or SL but when you carefully examine the whole situation you may come up with similarities. I have a feeling that sometimes it is good to study the differences than studying the similarities or the issues that each the community trying or struggling to solve but that does not mean interfering or interferences to other community’s internal independence or its own agendas of governing the community

True, according to my poor understanding some of the specific political or apolitical decisions that are taken by any heads of any community may effects the situation of other communities’ decisions that they take supporting opposing to certain community may or might change the whole big picture of the same community. Therefore supporting or opposing one has to do in a very careful manner  

I understand sometimes leaders or the heads of any community has to think of their sustainability , the sustainability of internal frame works yet there may come a situation that any community has to forget or ignore their personal or internal, benefit in order to think of the benefits that the whole zone, region  and finally about the whole world should gain

If you think of the benefit that the whole world, big communities get via any formal useful gathering rather than trying to individualize, or narrower or personalize, nationalize or localize your decisions that you may take alone thinking of getting or using the benefits alone without really thinking of sharing them, the whole benefit of your gathering may not reach the whole world right on time

What I write here normally does not happen in such recognized reputed worldly acknowledge gathering like CHOGM And there is no room for the agendas that comes written in narrower minded way I whole heartedly believe

We can’t isolate Tibet though it is smaller or not powerful than any other big countries we can’t ignore the needs and expectations of the tribal groups though they may not the majority in comparison to the other classes or castes or political apolitical groups of a community, society, country.

We all certainly can learn from the civilizations of the world, member of CHGOM that were faded away keeping only the memories. There are things that we can learn from the things hidden among the old days – civilizations the leaders can allow and give the others, the world a chance to visit your pasts. You may be able to improve hat as one of the components of tourism, this too can be a bridge for peace and harmony, friendships that all should maintain across globe

It is not just one region that is important there are religions too that we need to give our attention and support for the sustainability of such aspects, these certainly would react or act as supporting component the sustainability of peace and harmony of the world

Earlier, I know that most the women of this part of the world offered only a certain categories of jobs, the jobs such as ‘house maids’ for richer countries. I know Cyprus is one of the countries that give them a good pay. Most women I know like to go to Cyprus than to other countries because of the good pay, including. This is just an example there are other places as well.

The job categories that most other countries are offering or giving to the men and women of this part of the world now have changed to a certain extent.

We need to expand it further we need to exchange ‘brains not just labour only’ I know that our brains are everywhere now in this world - ‘space to earth’  further I like to request don’t always expect labour from this part of the world we have brains that you may need for your brainy projects
Don’t take what I say in a wrong way I am not saying that all brains should step out of our country it is not what I mean

Ours is not a country that produces ‘housemaids’ for the world. Ours is not just a region that produces only ‘labour’ for building constructions
I know South Africa is providing job opportunities in their mines and other areas that is a good thing, truly they should also open up opportunities for other brainy categories of jobs as well.

EDUCATION, this is where it become more valuable if any one stops or won’t give any chances to their children to learn at formal institutions, schools or letting them study further and if the parents are keeping the younger children, small children at home without sending them to schools thinking of them sending to earn a living at early stages of their life then they never will find solutions for the jobs that they truly should get.

I believe that this good community, CHGOM might focus more on the sector of EDUCATION this time other than previous meetings it is in relation to the whole world not just Uganda or any other tribal groups

I believe it is the EDUCATION that has change the systems of most the countries to a better, that is what uplifted their improvements within and to enhance or widen their networks across globe, including SL

Its people’s political awareness, socio economic awareness, their understanding of the values and demands of the world has increased because of the education they get. ‘EDUCATION for adults’ those who have not got any chances to complete their formal education at the their right stage of life should get a chance to learn to READ & WRITE even at least their latter stages of life. Age is no bar for education, I believe.
Most them, I sense, has the interests towards ‘IT technology’ and technology in particular

If you take women of my age, those who have come passing their stage of formal education long ago like to learn subjects like IT

Youngsters, youth, I know they have come to their targets their knowledge of such subjects women like me can’t compete with. I am thinking of all the communities of the world ‘there is still a need to enhance knowledge of some groups in relation to education i.e. read and write to all other steps of education

Give new INNOVATORS A HUGE CHANCE encourage them I am thinking of the youth and children and everyone at this moment

Recently one of our children has won the first prize for his innovations, paddy field bunds clearing machine, competing with over 1500 competitors of 175 countries. This young and talented Kapuge who is born and bread in Galenbinduna weva/Anuradhapura is the hero of my story today. The Nasa has named a star on behalf of his name ( the news was published on 31.10.2013 Lankadeepa news paper)

young Kapuge , innovator of the machine ( posted below) 

We have the skills and talents what they need is recognition WE NEED TO THANK ALL WHO GIVEN HIM SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT (National and international)

this machine won the first prize 


I believe that before any conferencing there is always ‘internal round table discussions takes place with various and different layers of personalities, experts at local or community level, within

Then any member of any gathering -‘ formal’, have all the facts and 

information ready for their discussions’ , then what is remaining is to get maximum advantage of the opportunities offered or given for all members
I know that the leaders, heads of governments get chances to discuss their;
Achievements, Failures, Reasons, Weaknesses of plans and plusses of the plans, of previous meetings and also they further will think of ways as to how others can follow such plans for their work, projects and plans , within their communities etc.

Issues, struggles, achievements or goals, all these things may differ from community to community though the nature of such things looks same or similar to each other.

One always has to use their own plans taking the ideas of others and  colouring and painting the plans using the suggestions given by others, members, friends. These must totally applicable and tally with their SOCIO, ECONOMIC OR GEOGRAPHIC BACKGROUNDS, needs and wants of their own people

It is the community who knows what is required or what is more useful or practical using than any other person that is why there are representatives to represent their communities, societies, countries they can provide a better and a clearer picture of their communities, to the world outside to their community

Yet, the world now is full of plenty of EXPERIENCES
Sharing experiences with each other would certainly ADD ‘QUALITY TO any CONFERENCING’ ‘FRUITFULNESS AND TOTALNESS to the gathering 

Researchers, observers, groups, personalities, scholars, experts always have their reports, have their knowledge, experiences on various things – not only socio - economic or cultural but also about other burning issues of the world. Those may reveal the situations of past yet there is always, always useful facts with such reports, and hints that can be used for ‘present agendas’, Plans

You may not have allocated a big time frame for your meeting , you may have limited time but what I believe is it doesn't ends here the groups has to proceed to the future with what the team members say or suggest  
The Leaders are the DECISION MAKERS’, others have the voice and the skills that things have shown different weights and measurements so far since some community or societies matter become the matter to the other parts of the world,

Some features such as voice and decision making power of such things may differ from each component and all these are equally important
When ever you analyze any common features of any groups such as friends, carrier, art or science one can easily list the similarities
I think when analyzing the countries of this particular community of the heads of the governments

I like to call this a special community ‘THE FRIENDLY LEADERS COMMUNITY’ I can list a few of the common features of the members that I noticed

 Almost all the members have experienced and faced the colonization 

-      Invasions during different eras of history of each countries 

-      Agriculture / farming
-      Having dreams of total improvement in the sectors of socio, economic and cultural and political
-      Protection of World Heritages
-      Securing , protecting, respecting the rights of tribal groups
-      Promote tourism

Please note that following are not applicable to all the countries but one or two or more of the following may applicable to the members
Some of the identified issues of the member countries

-      Poverty
-      Lack of job opportunities within
-      Less focuses on ‘industrial sector’
-      Less explorations of the markets, alternatives, options as to how to use the resources within other than the old ways i.e. Gems and Diamonds
-      Lack of focuses on the opportunities to welcome Investors – outside to their countries
-      Lack of attention in the sectors of ‘child education’

One thing is sure that each and every member understands the importance of maintaining ‘PEACE AND HARMONY’ within each the countries, in the Zone, territory, world because almost all the countries have faced the ‘colonization’ and understand the true value of the term ‘liberty’  ‘ independence’

Therefore I believe they don’t hesitate to support to maintain the peace situation of the zone – world

And they understand the value of respecting each others ‘liberty’ value of ‘no interference in useless ways in each others country decisions unless what ever decision effects ‘the world’ peace situation for instance

Agriculture is one of the main sources and features of ‘prosperity’ yet that is not enough any country needs to find the other alternatives to meet the country’s targets and aims , objectives of its development /improvements, to uplift country’s economy  

In addition to protecting rights, values of AGRICULTURE = FARMER they need to find opportunities, seek knowledge to setup, establish ‘ INDUSTRIAL ZONES’ one can not depend on fading away or less profitable areas when there is a high demand in the world for ‘other sectors as well’ i.e industries ( including Tea, Rubber , Spices)
Each other can think of more market opportunities

To fight against hunger, poverty one can not follow any ‘stagnant agendas’, moving ahead, proceed with proper plan is essential

This is a good opportunity to ‘share views and seek for opportunities and come to AGREEMENTS – USEFUL AND RELEVANT, APPLICABLE
One has to plan something only after checking the possibilities and availability  abilities in everyway including ‘geological, geographical support’ 

Need to check collate ‘skilled and unskilled’ talents under the categories of available resources

Gems and Diamonds are ‘always demandable and known as valuables equally important for ‘jewelry designing’, creating or manufacturings in the same field yet needs to explore more alternatives  

Sometimes it is no worth if you only think of selling them as it is ‘creating something significant using them would show you more market opportunities adding more advantages, and towards more profit.
Old fashions not always profitable or give you good profits in this changing, challenging, full of competitions world

To face the marketing challenges one has to seek for alternatives – better, creative focusing not only one group but all groups of all levels, am I repeating the same again and again

Our manufacturers can establish factories there and they can come here
Let me also link following to what I wrote earlier

Education is a fundamental right of any child, to fight against ‘hunger’ and discrepancies, divisions – unhealthy ‘providing better education’ is essential
Education as a methodology, strategy to prevent ‘disharmonies of any community’ certainly would play an important role in any society, the world witnesses.

And education also can be a good solution or can be used as non harmful weapon against ‘corruption’, my personal view

Tourism is one of the ‘better strategies to maintain friendships among countries I wrote earlier it is not just a way of earning foreign currencies, or sources of job opportunities

I can just write but when it comes to initializing , establishing , planning no easy I know, to face such challenges ‘share views with the experts of the relevant fields’ this would give you only slight problems, for better results it is important

Poverty can not be defeated if you only think of improving one just a single sector i.e. agriculture in addition to the industrial options,
Explore opportunities, Needs to find or experiment, experience ‘new technology’ i.e. within agriculture and other sectors including ‘how to face the geographical or weather related hazards, issues related to better harvest

Development can not be achieved in its fullest way when you give  less attention to any minor groups of any society here I am specifically focusing on any ‘tribal groups’ and their rights and needs
Pardon me for writing things following a certain order

Any country must think of the ways to keep their money within not letting them to go to other territories unnecessarily this may lead to ‘poverty’ or if you don’t think of stopping that ‘the dream of moving out of poverty’ of any society will not become a reality, if that is a threat to any society

Investments, this too very important
I am not a political, economic or cultural analyst I say and write things according to my personal knowledge may be the world may not agree to what I say, they may have better things or more things to say yet I like to share my views

Let me wish the world leaders a healthy conferencing and a meeting!



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