Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Is poor HEALTH a common issue in this and that part of the world?



Preventing Is Better Than Cure

Don’t pay less attention to Essential vaccinations,understanding world

Carelessness will lead to unhealthy life

Use condoms

Don’t wait until the doctor comes to you sooner reach the specialist not later

Prescribing is not a job of a teacher or an engineer

Have a better understanding of the medications, treatment & the drugs you take

Stay very away from DANGEROUS DRUGS, A MURDERER never doubt

Follow advice given by your doctor that is your sole responsibility

Alcohol and Nicotine are the most dangers KILLERS of this world

Try to understand the energetic word - ‘EXERCISES


Is poor Health a common issue for this and that part of the world?

I thought it is good to start my essay asking a question from you

‘Questioning we don’t do much, when we meet our dear, kind doctors we don’t thinking of clearing our minds in order to have a clear idea of the health situations of ours. One has a right to know of his health conditions from her/his doctor it is yet it is not just a duty of a kind doctor, it is a responsibility of a patient as well.  Add this in to the list of your responsibilities

These days most heard word is ‘exercise’.  I have certain kilo meters to walk in the morning and in the evenings before I catch the bus relevant. I like to categorize the dialogues that I hear these days as ‘health/y conversations’  

I did exercise for about 40 minutes I heard one was saying about couple of days earlier and Today also I heard that a healthy man was explaining, very excellently to his fellow who seemed to me owns an excellently maintaining figure ‘I did some exercise’ 

I thought silently, that is ‘extremely excellent’

Health related issues are one of the common issues in the world, ‘existing’. It is not just specific only to the common wealth regions also to the other part of the world. Some health issues are extremely bad in relation to the ‘ sufferings’ and how it affects ones ongoing family procedures, very including how it affects family’s Economy/ financial situation is important to weigh and see

How much money do you spend ‘Daily’, Weekly, Monthly, annually?

Have you ever thought of that?

How much money you spend to buy ‘illnesses’? Calculate this thinking of the things you purchase from the markets, restaurants and informal organizations

Then try to analyze ‘how much money you spend on buying illness and after for treatments?

What is the figure that you get?

Any equals in the figures you get or do you find a huge a difference or a gap in both the spending?

If there are free health care facilities in any country it is only a less money that a family has to allocate for ‘treatments if not that definitely will harm family’s ‘saving or affordability areas’
What is the situation of ‘health care facilities of your country dear leaders?

How much money you allocate from your budgets? Do you give it a good attention?

If your people give ‘prevention a lot attention then you doesn't need to allocate a lot for ‘health may for other infrastructure, 

‘Education’, uplift ‘economic or social standards of your people?
Poor health situations demote the standards of internal affiliations among family members that will take away the moments of happiness from its members.  

Unhealthy people will waste the money of any state. How much money that a state has to input for illnesses, ‘diagnoses, medications

I am asking this from all levels of people, not only from ordinary?

I know some of the medical equipments are very expensive and it is very difficult for a poor state to afford to buy such diagnose machineries such as ‘MRI scanners’

If there are not enough of such machineries in any state, the patients have to ‘wait until they get their chances’. Some health conditions can not wait until the first come first serve finishes their diagnosing  

And that needs immediate actions and medications for some health related issues.

And there is no medication or treatments that too are extremely bad I know for instance health hazards such as ‘jealousy’ ‘illusionary’, curiosities. That I know. Do imaginaries too belong to the same category, I should learn.

HIV/AIDS - this is not just an issue common to common wealth countries, it is a world matter

What is the reason?

Lack of awareness on sex education

Lack of awareness of health precautions

Lack of awareness on hazard preventing tools or strategies

Use condoms this is a message I think we all must send around the world forgetting the shyness

In this part of the world that is the issue we face. We pay les attention to the topics that we should talk ‘openly’ we talk of maternal health and paternal responsibilities but we forget that there is something lacking ‘readiness in the areas of parenting’ getting ready for sharing or taking responsibilities

That comes under ‘mental health’ unfitness or lack of preparedness will take ones figures to the OPDS of mental health care units/departments

I think I am not wrong at least this time?  

Parents or teachers don’t like to talk about this subject with their students much.  Just try to talk this with your young child you don’t believe the number of questions that may ask you. Young age is full of curiosities they want to know every detail of everything

If you don’t provide them the answers to what they ask they try experiments can you then blame only the youth or young for that?

No I guess, we can’t forget our duties and responsibilities
Reason is not that the teachers, parents and adults lack awareness or knowledge on the matter but they think that it is not a subject that people must talk in public or when educating youth or your young child specifically

Health issues are mostly not face due to lack of awareness it mainly because of ‘carelessness’

Relevant safety measures definitely will secure the world from health hazards

What are things we all need to remember during any blood transfusions (?), donations?

What are responsibilities of a blood bank?

It is not just a responsibility of a kind nurse or a kind doctor when donating blood when using necessary equipment or tools one has to be very careful.

I am so happy to see now the awareness on this subject is very high among most the people yet I did not say among all
There are still some individuals, groups of people that need a lot of awareness

HIV affected ones definitely MUST NOT BE CORNERED or isolated, neglected. They are part of this world, associating them would not spread such hazards ‘don’t be afraid of them and don’t think twice to have a cup of coffee with them and a chat’
What are can be done to raise awareness on this subject?
What are the Medias that can be used and in what way?

Following are most effective tools in awareness that is according to my awareness

Cinema, Drama, documentaries, street dramas, songs, via the columns of the papers, seminars, posters affective and attractive/ in public places, leaflets, organizing various competitions such as debates, art, drama, essays including photo essays (related to the subject)

There is very little creations done on this subject to raise awareness on the issue

Following are most affected countries according to the data published on internet

# people living with HIV /AIDS
South Africa
5, 600, 000
3,300, 000
2, 400, 000
1, 500 , 000
1 , 400 , 000
1 , 400 , 000
1, 200 , 000
United States
1 , 200 , 000
1, 200 , 000

I did not try to specifically get the data on common wealth countries because this is one of the health issues of the world

Thinking of the other socio- economic situations of the above countries what can you say?

When it comes to some countries can we say that there are no proper education facilities, lack of experts, specialists, health care facilities, lack in decision making power? Or can we say that they face any financial difficulties?

Take Uganda for instance ‘what is there place in the list of economic situations”

India ‘she is very powerful in the region? Am I right? But look she is on top?

There are things that can not be done using any power, if it is true their position in the list should change?
Rapidly INCREASING POPULATION is this unhealthy for a state? I mean will this give any state authorities, difficulty to take of their people that they have to think of a lot of people not few people?

I don’t know I am not an expert

Is this become a matter when policycizing the decisions that the authorities take?
So it is not always a matter of money.  Did I mention the word ‘carelessness’?

I don’t know when these are figures are last updated
I know that there is one movie I watched sometime back produced by Mrs. Rewathy of South Indian cinema starring ‘Salman Khan, Amithab Bachchan , Shipa Shetty, Rewathy

That is a good movie there may be other creations but I have not got any opportunities to watch them need to give maximum publicity for those films as well. It is not a sole responsibility of an artist only

Am I correct?

There are locally made very effective TV advertisements done by the health department / Ministry to raise awareness on health issues such as the documentaries and clips created to raise awareness on TB – Tuberculosis

These are not comes under very critical conditions earlier people used to afraid of these and people had to face a lot of social problems , in the past such affected people were cornered or neglected not by any health authorities but by people of societies. Now people understand this illness very well I guess.
The person has to suffer a lot that is something else to discuss.
Accurate medication and following accurate guidance will add required strength to overcome or to solve or to recover, cure poor health situations, illness. One has to get entire treatment I think for about 6 months with out giving any intervals in between

Ok let me put it this way


All chronic, critical or can be cured or can be not cured permanently conditions or situations of people must get enough of attention of the ‘experts’ ‘specialists’ of their health territories
Cholesterol is this a condition that can not be control?

Diabetic, Pressure are not precious conditions but these are conditions that will add pressure to ones life dealings

Nutrition related issues are one of the facets of poverty ‘poverty in knowledge, awareness’, including.

Cancer – I don’t know whether the world now is fortunate enough to fight against such conditions because my knowledge is not updated on this health condition
Better or true counseling or right channeling has the high quality of prevention and curing of most the deceases, according to my knowledge.

Some show little backward to consult or go to counseling reason is that some question about the ‘confidentiality of health situations of patience’ for instance with regard to some health conditions, the public look at in a nasty way, illiterate way or the conditions that rate as results of a misbehavior
Unhealthy abortions unacceptable abortions I sometimes don’t like to humanize this because it is something do with a ‘life’ – unborn what right we have to kill an unborn?

Child birth is always beautiful, wonderful, incredibly heart soothing moment that is mostly attached to ones ‘love and romance’ there are lesser chances that one can talk of a birth of a child without talking about ‘love’ unless it is something to do with a rape

I don’t know how accurate I am here in my assumptions
I don’t like to say a single word against human needs and wants or desires I always understand that part of ones life yet ‘one has to give a good attention to the term 'carefulness' that is advisable for both men and women, including me the women

Some restrictions or situations I don’t know whether one can ignore?

Don't forget every human is a human we don't ethnicized people 'human needs and wants don't have specific colours. 

It certainly common to every human of this world

We don’t think of analyzing that part of ones life don’t we? Human side of people

We mostly think of the value of their duty and what people faced during war did they have time to feel what life is all about?

‘What are the things that ‘HAPPINESS brings in to a family?

I never say something against ‘relationships’ of human lives from my deep within. This world is this beautiful, wonderful or colourful because of the relationships of men and women maintains. If not can people always live a life where there is no life or liveliness.

Yet health is something that one has to understand in a wider way. This is one of the things in this universe that is not that difficult to understand, the term health or healthiness’, not like other things that are attached with human lives

Am I accurate?









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