Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A few days ago ………… I met Manathunga Aarachchige Premawathie of Veluvana Lane

We meet different people at different moments, at any or many occasions, meetings, places - known to us or not known to us, during planned or unplanned or no plan moments. 

Some people we do remember and some don't. 

Some suddenly come to surface during expected or unexpected moments or during ones intervals of life.

So the meeting moments seldom or random sometimes one can not really predict unless one plans. Some meetings just begin at 'Hi' plus replys of Hi's from the other side, 'levels or floors and then proceed to its maximum levels, and in between these Hi/s and ‘Hi how are you these days' to finally “i can die for you moments of ones life’ ‘ sending some reeds of flowers to say how much you are sad about the ‘no more’ moments that you heard from others of the ones you knew or known for years. Until you reach all above stages you meet any or many people.

Sending invitations, sympathy or wishes to the ones we know for their Birth Days, anniversaries, or on no more moments we do also in many or any ways.  the places of meetings are equally important or memorable when it comes to ‘sustainability’ of the friendships bonds or all kind of work or otherwise trade, juice, or lending and borrowing books to read and returning after reading without harming – relationships. Sudden meeting places or plan meetings are different today compared to then.

Today we have many chances of meeting different people or not different to us people or hold similar interest people that happens via all kind of social or cultural networks.
Meeting places of people are not always the ‘bonded with bricks and cement walled and tiled with love places there are other places too can’t people meet via the 'Books' similar to life, books 'easy' to 'understand' or hard to absorb, lovely to read, or else excellent to share, so good to know kind of many and any ways. Can.

How can we forget that we also meet people via loku kuda ( big or small) or 'punchi theaters', who does not know Elphinsten though they ay do not know Einstein the scientist (is this the correct way to write his name?) ,Lumbini, Sudharshiya, Nelum Pokuna, YMCA, YMBA, YOUTH centers, Arena _ Katugastota, WEMBLY - mahanuwara, all Halls - towns, village, city, Motels or at hotels five or what ever star ways, halls conferences, organizations – world, Vijaya Chithragaraya - Dalugama, Big House - lake house, other houses - rupavahini or Swarnawahini, Under or around Big Ben, Buckingham or Shanthivihar (Thunmulla) sacred Bahirawakanda or Sri Dalada Maligawa, Siddhartha Pura. You can add the places you know that comes to your mind.

So I have seen and met few ‘Manathunga aarachchige Premawathi/s in my life time, during here and there of my journeying from this place to that places of my carrier and otherwise.

They are so special because everyone is special or they have shown me proved that they are special in many ways when there were time allocations for meetings ‘research’ or research, data collating, key persons – big and organizations, members of families, from many and many from all corners of this our country.

The people whom I meet, some little different to me and different to my friends in many ways and some are very similar to all of us or few of us, the ones I know similar or different not just because of the way they dress, or the way that they cut their neck areas of the sari blouse or any casual or party blouses, not because the way they talk or address people or including to their close ones, dear and near ones, the way they walk or the brands of clothes or shoes they wear, the mobiles use, or lap tops they use, the mode of transport, the abilities to show how powerful they are on roads, can change the colours send instantly their choices to drive ways, also they are different not just because of how proud of the things that they own or have close to them, mode of traveling, perhaps not because of such things.    

Then why they are special like everyone else in the world?  ‘Shall I note and shall believe that they have nothing hidden, within not like most of us some of them are like all of us? Do not get me wrong I am not going to classify them or categorize them keeping them away from ‘me kind of people, their kind of or our all kind of people or I am not going to emphasize that there is any, many or some differences ‘due to availability of money in wallets or number of credit cards in hand, thinking of bank balances etc I have observed many other things in them in relation to differences and similarities that most of them have shown to me during the hours of our meetings professional and outside professional agendas. Like some of us or most of us they too have the ability to do, act or react the way they like and if they have something to say they too think that they should say it straight to who ever they are dealing with.

And it is not that they always right or wrong on their perceptions of many things in the society we live, doing makeovers from era to era changing our hair styles, changing our colours of life, changing our ways of thinking, giving this and that explanations analysis over many things that we have learnt over the years gone by reading or going and registering at the institutions of life related education systems.

May be they are partial or impartial in the ways that they do things  like we do sometimes don’t you agree that we always get the side of the ones we like we just ignore the little, little errors that our close ones make during our, their day today dealings with people, society. How can we think that they are not like us or they are ahasata polawa wage wenas’ we don’t say such things. They too have and own dear and near ones like all of us, they too have thei own ways of interacting, communicating, dealing with their life matters or people around then.

Perhaps during your first meeting with such people (if you are not use to such meeting or meetings with such categories of people out side to your own peer or near groups) you may feel that they talk to us in a little arrogant or ignorant way.

I am not sure why or whether such things happen because of the divisions of labour therories, or the divisions of resources handlings, or is it because of the rupee value floating from this side to that side of the world of economy or because often the Euro, pounds or dollars becomes kings and queens of the world.

I am not sure. Do not misunderstand me I am not against of any of the existing ‘currencies’ or the systems of the economy’- world. There were many years that I earned my pays in dollars. There are things that we meet or see or have to live under ‘things are not under our control’ there is always ‘a way that things happen in this world full of behaviours , attitudes, perceptions – holders different, businesses, there is always ‘world economical agendas that we have to face and accept.  Among and during all these ways of living and desires of world we meet Premawathi and Dayawathi, Biso maenika, kind of human. Not only in or along Veluvana lanes also in many other lanes and paths roads of the world along side of tar or concreted big roads, highways, near cemeteries or near hotels five or any number stars, near palaces or shanties, near bars of small rooms, big buildings, counters and shelves,places of ‘we get the responsibility of you losing your control of mind, you lose your kidneys and lungs of not only yours but also of your near and dear ones’   

Some Premawathis you find or some Dayawathi’s you may find in the top class places though their faces covered with this and that of make ups or lifts and hidden or covered with highly expensive clothing materials. I am thinking how to categorize people putting them in to this box or that box of strikes periods or this and that of normal or abnormal life flowing periods of life of all of us. Such things are highly difficult, categorizing or layerizing analyzing people we know or we meet for few minutes or for life long years.

It is not always highly qualified certificate holders who has the abilities of discussing or see through life in a very meaningful or very analytical way there are such people above mentioned like Dayawathi, and men too though the life modules that they have read may differ from each other.

 Some of them are like little but highly trustable, tall in good work, mature in presidenting, ‘credit societies’ that always come to help ‘have money difficulties in life groups’.   

This is not a ‘all are same’ world and everyone is equal in qualities, or in their ways of living , handling lives are same world. You meet different people not only in your journeys but also in the ‘taking a little fruit juice –rest moments’ stopping somewhere to get some raisings or creams and shampoos of our lives.   

And occasionally we meet people not only Daya or Prema, Natasha, Priyadharshana- kind also you may meet Athula, Harsha, Sampath and friendly and very hospitable Vajiraani/s at some places you are very familiar with or places such as  ‘THE VALLEY below' centers of poetry maintains by two good people - namely Buddhadasa Galapappatty and MALINI GO WIN AGAIN' . At this places they talk of human side of people, different psychological and physiological sides of people nights and darkness’s of their lives, calculating the way that their minds captures different moments, meetings and agendas etc of the ones they meet or see.  

Also you may hear that others discuss at such this places or at not known or have not gone and visited places of our lives ' 'When he is not here, 'question to the judge, Oh good gentleman listen to my tale of woe', Kind of things.

There are also places that the educated and know the subject well always gather and rather discuss or criticize, analyze, weigh or measure without looking in to the person directly because the eyes are cover with a piece of cloth but just listening to the ‘facts presents at or before them’.
Some occasions you hear ‘top who always sit above to ‘bad (?), guilty, arrested, bailed out, charged, sentence to death and also above ‘categorized as not guilty, released, no fines or charges etc.

You may also hear very familiar voices or sentences such as ‘ORDER ORDER ORDER’ ………………… at such places so ethical follows a certain and specific books written by any or many here or there.

You may also hear not in your dreams but in your eyes are wide open daily moments and dealings of life that some women or men screams within or from their outside something similar to below

Your honour this woman has something to say, and she says ………………..

'He is not guilty 
Cos he obeyed your law
It was me
Who broke the law'

Meeting people or places are different we discussed You also meet kade aiya, Premasiri or ‘Principle of Kumarigama- village school (Ampara) Latha Akka of Southern province (I have read a about couple of years (?) ago that elder’s home that has taken all attention of very intelligent heart ‘Irangani Serasinghe who visited some people in need place/Galle along with a good heart. Did they manage to build a space that they were thinking of building attaching to their buildings of meetings existed earlier?)

'Premawathi', 'Dayawathi', 'when both were born under the same sky' 'both are daughters' of this world and neither of them are 'no more a girl child' 'My question' is why we sometimes, in some moments, meet up with children, people – full or one or two at some we do not like to see them there places  

the dirty gown torn in places
Hair not oiled for days
An old paperplate in hand
Gazing at the restaurant doors looking for their 'Midday Meal'

i return to my cell
Finish the morning meal
A roti received as alms

So Manathunga Aarachchige Premawathi how did you meet them and how did you get to know them 'Buddhiy'a (intelligence) and 'GO Win' group how did you feel when you meet them for the first time in your life time. so you had nothing to hide you wanted to say everything to them. Did you also tell everything as to how you meet the ones from your own area and outside to your area that come seeking your help to take a dram and some money for ‘athamaaruwa’ or to buy some coconut a kilo of rice with some parippu ( dhal)
(Athamaruwa =some amount of money exchanged with friends, relatives, neighbours when they in need of money. I guess the experts of language may agree (?)

I feel that some of such lives are no frilled and not exaggerated lives of this world compared to the lives of most of us that we live doing things like in a competitive way thinking of doing some harm to the ones ( not always or everyone = human I know) who slaps or hits for a reason or never for a reason. 

'Darkness' because the Jeweled lamp stolen

Is it on a new day like this
A village became one big funeral
Caught in a bomb at Kaebitigollawa
Is it on a new day like this
All kith and kin husbands wives
Were interned together
Homeless fathers and mothers
Were shot dead

( who needs explanations of that era above explained in poetic way that we lived with fear? No one I guess)

 you know at such this and that of various places generally a lot of people gather to discuss this and that of life such as 'after the boat shattered' , the last poem 'on the day when i am no more',' Bhikku walking for Alms.

 [ Above is my way of analysis on the book that took my all attention and I saw that he was Gazing at me sitting at the corner of the ‘new arrivals’ of the house of Sarasavi ( Universities) (book shop) in Nugegoda. I thought of give him a walk - ride through footpath towards minds of my friends who catch and hold, & try to read me when ever they have some off from busy schedules – all kind. – this is the book of ‘ Buddhadasa Galappatty ‘THE VALLEY Below’ selected poems translated by Malini Govinnage. Let me tell you that I like the art work of cover page of the book and the art work- paintings inside a lot, illustrated by Mr.Shantha K Herath   ]

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