Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BULB – Electric, chargeable, re chargeable or otherwise

From the era of kerosene lamp to the days, or today of ‘electric bulb’ I can memorize every single thing. My memory is still works good.

We (All?) grew up under the huge shade of our parents since the day that we try to learn ‘ayanna aayanna not really knowing ‘why we learn these letters’ for what we learn ‘ what can we do with these letters’ why not we learn the last letters of the alphabet,( X,Y,Z)  first and then move on to the other letters later. did we really know all these earlier? NO, I do not think so?

But I am pretty sure I may not have learnt the letter ‘A’ first I do not think that I have followed any orders back then as a infant or as a ‘child’ who was trying to learn ‘A – Z’ without getting that much help after school and I was ordered to go to sleep before the ‘oil of the kuppi laampuwa comes to its end’ I was suppose to sleep and then wakes up as early as possible. That was then. The situations were different. why we always have to follow a certain order I am not aware of we can just ignore the order of old ways of teaching and learning and embrace only any other ‘accepted orders’ of learning .
During those years of ‘me trying to understand,  the groups outside to our homes’( it is essential to understand them) I was not supplied ‘satisfied’ kind of inputs.
 I did not understand fully or better what is learning or the people outside to our home, I do not think that I had a good understanding towards knowing or getting a complete view of the words or the terms that I had to learn such as ‘do not know who are the ‘friends’ or friends of friends ( real).
 The parents took us away from the general living or we were so comfortable in living zones to the we had to learn the institutions and the people who were associated with the institutions better and it was no easy because we were children back then.

 So from this very familiar to gradually moving to wards a different place years of learning and understanding  our teachers let us understand things in a may be different way to the ways that our parents were following, in the processes of socializing. Then the University teachers, the teachers we meet in many other occasions outside to formal education rulings add some shapes and sizes to your knowledge agendas, modules or to your sessions of life, to our thoughts, our wellbeing, and our improvements of all learning fronts of our lives. The student has to show his/her abilities and must use the space intelligently under any light situations.

So these electrical bulb eras that we live now have supported to break all the records of kuppi laampu using’ methodologies and are now getting familiarizing with the ‘CFL styles’ this is for our own good this saves energy and money and will bring no harm or accidents due to poor understanding of using unsafe kuppi laampu.
The lanterns, the other some light providing elements or tools what ever good word you can use to name it gave us ( for different groups of people) some guidance as to read well, see well, learn well do not stay in the dark move towards a place where you can see things properly but that was in the past.

The lantern era is no more valid because now a days you will encounter that ‘the era of electric bulbs have already dominated or moved towards its different face or sphere that the ‘all houses and places of this universe are electric bulblizing’.

There are many brands you might encounter even I can manufacture or you or anyone can manufacture if they know the all the necessary ‘internal element fixing methodologies’ in a better way, long lasting way, do not have to change the brand of your choice all the occasions when ever it goes wrong and I am sure I will have to apply for the ‘license to manufacture and I will have to register my company (if going to start in the future) at the relevant place institutions.  Do I have to register my company at ‘small and medium enterprise unit ‘or at large scale business runners unit? J)))

Bulbs exactly like eggs one has to handle so tenderly I have no doubt.
When you are in and around of any little markets, show rooms of electric bulb providers, lamps of modern eras you may feel or entangle with various querries like ‘oh what to select’ ‘shall I get some advise from light fitting experts before choosing a better one’ ‘what will my wiring masters will say if I choose the one I like without thinking too much of the ‘internal shapes and sizes of the areas, living –within’

Though we know that ‘All such things gives no different thing than showing us a way to see things properly especially during the moments of our darkness and you will be getting indescribably various pictures and shapes, sizes of bulbs. And such things will not give any more good or something extra than allow us to live comfortably viewing things better and the other partners around us hinting that ‘save electricity’ switch of all the unnecessary lighting’ – along any canals built by Norris ‘s or non norrisses ‘why allows them to keep one always ‘lighting’ when we can manage with day lighting’ ? any doubts No I guess right?  I guess the ozone layer still in its good condition not damaged totally so I believe ‘day light ( does this has anything to do with what I am talking about, any light scientist or manufactures there for me to consult?) still functions better and it DOES NOT belong to any failure category  or ‘nothing’ category

 When the sun goes to sleep, to relax from her duties official and until she comes next morning with a  plenty of good hopes the electric bulbs or what ever gives us some ‘see well’ guidance. It protects tears of little ones who are afraid of darkness.  You need to keep one all night along for them to see even while we are a sleep and when ever they are awaken they feel no fear of darkness. Some kids are so awaken than us the adults. They read things while we are a sleep while most of us are a sleep.    Some learn things even during darkness that is different to learning things during ‘no darkness moments’. They are intelligent because they can read well and understand well than the ones in the darkness.  

I like the idea of lantern a lot than the idea of kerosene oil lamp.  The lantern you can carry to the chena of your seasonal sweat of contributions. Ferrymen can hang it somewhere of their taking us from this side of the bends, shores,  iwuru of the water ways (any) from to the other side of well planned. Before heading towards the egoda of success or hopes generally people plan their journeys.  I mean they plan their journeys before they moving from megoda (this side) to egoda (that side).

Ferryman generally guide his/her journey partners , they might explain the deepness of the water ways, the areas that one should not not go cross or must go across, they become useful teachers when the moving from megoda to egoda students in their learning of vessels made any ways also when it comes to ‘you know no swimming or you have no other ways to go across the water way, or you do not know the technique of going to egogata of your success from megoda of your failures. Generally the ferryman is a trust worthy guide now the modern ferryman use different lighting facilities to see or to read the way avoiding all the blockages, ice bergs etc. 

Kerosene oil lamp I am so used to. That is no strange to me now or it was not even stranger back then during my season of infant also though i knew ‘no safety lamp concept’ back then, during my years of using that to read and learn avoiding darkness.

Even in the recent past I have heard of many incidents or accidents took place due to unsafe ways of using this methods to read and learn, cook and eat, taking care of babies, old days of using some timber and making chairs to sit and relax, sewing something for your son or daughter to wear, ironing their school uniforms using a pol katu isthirikke or engage in any activity that can be earned an extra income. For an artist back then to draw the lines of their hopes so meaningfully they guided them, the lanterns, lamps kerosene, except hulu athu I guess.

Hulu athu supported when ever they go in search of their friends during dark and when waiting to come last bus to take the child home safely from night shift of work.
To understand the colours of love, to associate with the colours of good hearts they played the role of the guides sometime to come until they innovate the bulbs - electrical.  

‘Hulu athu’ (this we create by binding together - some dried and old coconut leaves) was so useful even during all these innovations of ‘see well and learn well’ concepts of this much of technologized era we live.  People of (even now) old days went in search of their lost ones, people, friends or even when go search of their neighbor during their neighboring journeys. I further like to add and explore.
 Parents waits or waited at the junctions ( during some eras this waiting until their son come backs home was so significant and unforgettable and they waited and waited sometimes unknowing that their podi putha or loku putha have already planned a different journey without letting their parents know.

They waited also for their daughters to back from where ever they were. Some waitings were useful  because they knew that their daughter or son definiltly come home after night shift of earning something  keeping a hulu athu ready with a matchbox in pocket. They knew what time the last bus arrives from or go out the village – old days. 

Electric torch took the place of hulu athu in a very pride way. This idea of showing people the right direction or moving  out of their darkness could be done using a few batteries that can be purchased from the local or in international markets, near by kade not difficult to carry when ever or wherever you go from here to there from somewhere or to any specific destination this seeing better can be done during any darkness just by using two or more batteries. This torches era to electrically charged components torches which comes in various colour shades, shapes, and brand names took some place of the households, kitchens, study rooms etc. they become should have friend during a heavy thundering and lightning moments of life/lives. when the electric commodities goes or dead, confusing with going fuses ‘then this comes and appears before you as a helping hand.  Very helpful I would say.
There are re chargeable batteries that can  be used for many components of learning plus such things also can be used when ever we want to move out of darkness.

 For our cameras, any other devises of learning and earning they become our useful and unforgettable partners of helping.   I am not aware whether these rechargeable batteries have certain life time guarantied.  You are provided with a coupon of warranty with the general fittings that you buy to ‘see well and learn, and then plan your life’   ahead eras. Sometimes the branded companies come to save us when the batteries go dead they repair them you for free if you still have the warranty card issued by the particular marketing entity, the local or what ever business entities or companies. They say ‘we are happy to serve you’ very first day that you purchase the elements of want to read, and watch that comes under every life corners – dark mostly. One should not keep this card of warrenty a side or must not put them to the bin not even to the recycle bin until you have the assurance of ‘we do not need the service of the after sales’

 I have not got any chances to read or I ignored to read the life time warranty cards because others read such cards for me the light fitting expert which generally issued /issues or supported in fitting by any of the assure you light electric blub components/entities when ever I bought ( in the past)
for such items we purchase  what is the current warranty issuing procedures or the current market procedures of buying and selling such of electric bulbs

Dining, living or any other areas sometimes are fully decorated with many varieties of shades of ‘can see through them’ fittings. Physically painted or tattooed with worldly famous designs of big artists. When ever you see them hanging in any or every corners of places often push you forward or encourage you to have them and then fix them at right places of living or relaxing loving ways with loved, near and dear ones I guess one should immeadeatly react to inner commands like ‘hey come and buy me’ ‘will give you discounts that you may not be able to count the benefits of using them commands.

So the owners of territories of the personal preferences of give permanent shade places – home sweet homes concepts buy such fittings that are generally very well fits with their mind creations thinking of the colours of the walls of life or lives have their very own ways of choosing the shades of light fittings or electrical fittings non lightening ( remove all the fittings from the wires that can be are dangerous using or threats life. if does not know how to stay away from them when you should stay away from during life threatening thundering or lightning processes they are unpredictable sometimes.

There are little saying attached to this bulbs electrical especially about one particular product I guess this was introduced before the energy saving concept of similar products was introduced.  This particular product you all aware of takes little time to hint us or to show ‘here I am ready for service’ at your disposal’. Processes some takes time they are not fast forwarded or fly like the fastest flying feather owners  therefore some used to apply this to the day to day lives of people to give a kind of a rating or a measurement of ones level of understanding. Or the time taken to understand something Some understand things so quickly some very slowly may the personal who understand things quickly are the victors others may belong to the failures category.  

What ever comes I what so ever shape and size what we need is to save energy for future purposes.  ‘some electrical items are ageing and there is No demand in the current market or from the customers. What they want is ‘eye soothing’ ‘energy saving product’ ‘one very useful’, long lasting, ‘trustable brand’ ‘may be with lifetime or few years warranty’ ‘healthy looking’ ‘energetic energy producing ones’, and low cost if possible. These things we do not invest what we invest is money but when we use our intelligent agencies in choosing the most appropriate ones I guess that it is similar to a good investment, a no rooms for hazels here after investment.

So what is your personal views of this electric bulblizing ways or components of getting some light to see better - life or moving out of darkness ears?

Have a energy saveful life ahead!  


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