Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, October 25, 2013

Through the things ‘heard’ and watched’ .....................




l:d w;rska ……………… : - )

[ I like to request you all please don’t try to tally or compare the English version with the Sinhalese version , because I have not used word to word translation there, but I always try to give the core idea without harming it, in both the versions. Yet , to paint and frill what I say in Sinhala I try various tack ticks : - ) I don’t know how far I have succeeded : - )  ]

I can’t remember whether this picture that I took while travelling back from  Nuwara Eliya was of a sun set or of a rising moon

ug u;l keye ux fï uf. fkdokak ldphg yiqlr.;af;a neyef.k hk bro ke.f.k tk y|o lsh,

Sometimes memories take intervals from time to time, so what do we do for that?

iuyr fj,djg u;lhka lshkfoa mqxÑ mqxÑ úrdu .kakjd b;sx talg ula lrkago

lkao Wvg ä ke.a.kï tfyu br fkfuhs y| Wk;a w,a,kg mq¿yka jf.hs fmakafk

If you reach on top of a mountain you can easily touch not only sun but also the moon that is what it seemed to me now after closely observing the picture that I posted above.

brhs y|hs w,a,, ula lrkago fkao

Why and for what, is there a purpose in doing so?

br g Wk;a y|g Wk;a Tfya mdvqfj bkag ÿkafkd;a kdlo ux wykafk

Whether it is sun or moon I think we should leave them alone

i will further explore this picture in the near future ................ 


újD;fh md,u myqlrkj;a tlalu fmdâfvla lsõfj remsh, b;sx mdfjkjfk lsh,

l:dj yenehs

mdfjkj lsh, wkqjK úosyg ie,iqula ke;sj úhyshoka lrkag yrs wfhdaPkh lrkag ys;=fjd;a   
;j wjqreÿ úiailska remsh, if;ag .sh;a ux lshkafk ta if;;a ke;sfjkjfk wo kdia;s flrefjd;a ta remsh,

Bg miafika myq yrs yïn lrk if;a mgka yrshg úh meyeoï flrefjd;a b;=re flrefjd;a mrsiaiug ys;, u;,
krlla fjkakEfka

lrefu lshkafk Th b;srs lrk uka;fra ug ;du jKfmd;a lr.kag nersfjÉp tlfka  

Right after I crossed the bridge of the OUSL, I heard, one of the little ones were saying to his friends ‘the value of the rupee note normally face the realities of floating’,
What he was saying is true.

Even if the rupee note goes down up to a cent in its real value in about another 20 years time,
And  if you think of saving or investing what you got in your hand ‘an accurate way’, without wasting it ‘you will have at least something to survive at the end additionally, you can increase the number in the account  if you follow the ‘methodology of constantly, repeatedly saving’, ‘every rupee or cent you earn accurately and truly, honestly ,everyday, every week,  month or every year , you will definitely get a fairly good, a big number to carry forward your further living within the framework of ‘good living’ 


I wonder why we can’t see at least something good of something rather than always trying to find faults of what others do

Again I sometimes think that I don’t see my errors, like I see the errors or faults, mistakes, weaknesses of others, will have to repair that part of my brain I suppose.

Yet I like to note that or share what I felt during the whole day from time to time what I heard and saw, observed

So today I also learned and I realized, and questioned my self that, when we spend our time in talking, discussing the errors, or mistakes or the weaknesses, of things or of somebody do we have enough of time to do the duties of ours or do we have time to do something good for the sectors we have been involved in , for the benefit of our own families ?

Don’t you think that we must think of such things as well, including you Sandika  I kept a underlined note in one of the sectors of my memory lanes

Also I often think that I should follow the ethics of ‘mind my own businesses’ rather than trying to think and worry about the businesses of others

ux fj,djlg ys;kj

wmamÉÑfha wehs wmsg ners ãx.s;a;la ú;r Th ldf. ldf.;a fyd|la olskag

Bg miafi wdhs;a ug ysf;kj

fldhskao wdhsfndjxv wfma lsh, wmsg lsh, jevla m,la lr.kag fj,djla

a´x Woyekelaflu u. f;dfÜos ±lmq l:d lshmq l:d wksla ldKafvg úia;r lrkag mE Nd.hhs

Bg miafi wks;a whg;a l:d lrkag ld,hla fokag tmdhe

Bg miafi tlg ;j ld,hhs

Bg miafi

b;sx fmdä fjÉp weÿx ál yodf.k

¯ûhg fyaosÉp fïlma ál yrs .iaif.k wEos .kakfldg òx wdhqfndjxv iEfyk ld,hla f.ú, .syska bjrhs
´x wdhafndjkav tal ;uhs ,xldj

,xldj .ek úia;r fldrkfldg wvqmdvq ;sfhkag fyd| kE fkdje fkao ux lshkafk

fj,djlg ux ys;kj wkqkaf. ux.,a, j,g ux w; ¯kag hkafk ke;sj lsh, ySka ySkshg úhdmdrhla lrdk ysáhu wE,shdjg hhso lsh,;a


We all were given 45 minutes for eating, drinking that is a day, during our official hours

I don’t think that I always use my 45 minutes for eating, I take my breakfast at office
So this something about my eating, and and about how Herman Sir, who is a teacher to me observed my way of eating :-)

 I always goes to him whenever I find a difficult word that I don’t understand. He is very clever in both the languages

‘She enjoys her eating‘

That is not what he said initially but later changed it to above after seeing my very questionable face.

All these happened during our very friendly very nourishable conversations.

During these type of good conversations Ranganathan sir too has things to add, about faiths and beliefs of certain cultural facts etc.
 I try to save, absorb almost all the useful things they reveal or expresses when ever I can, within.
Today he spoke of Lord Ganesh a bit, Hats off for all such good conversations that takes place within any structure of carrier or learning.

In addition to that I like to add following …………….
I think we should enjoy each and every meal of ours. Don’t you think so?
We should know what we eat, whether we take poison or not at least.

Often nangi and I forget what we eat when ever we start chatting about something, interesting or something not at all interesting   

I guess we should always maintain happy moods instead of sad moods while eating. That too I guess is right, right?

When we talk of ill wills or bad about others while eating, no good, if we follow something like that during our mealy occasions, the internal reactions may change and give not positive results in addition to that’ such processes will not provide any good stimulating facts to absorb or digest properly, what eat,

Normally, the fluids that flows from our inner channels - relevant, during our eating intervals, that would helps us to run, function the inner machines accurately.
And also that would provide enough of space to digest the things we intake, as mutton, chicken, fish egg or veggies, fruities, juices, dose, hoppers, strings hoppers, rice & curry

wmg úkdä y;,sia mylau ;sfhkj lkag fndkag

;lyksfhx y;s ou oud y¯ .;a; n;a tl ux lkafk T*Sisfhos

Tkak wo wfma yrauka ira ysá .uka lshdms fuhd kx fyd|g tkafPdhs lrkj lsh, lkfldg

tl uq,ska lsõfj kx ta úosyg fkfuhs
ux wymq m%Yafkg jvd uf. uqfKa ;sìÉp m%Yakdra: ,l=K oel, ira wka;sfïg jdlH bjr lf,a tfyuhs (-&

ux ys;kj wms lk fndkfldg lkafk lEuo jyo lsh,j;a wvqu ;rfu wjOdfkka lkag ´fk lsh,

t;fldg taj fyd|g weÕg Wrd .kakjd

we;=f, ueISka moaO;sh;a fyd|g jev lrkag .kakj

ta ú;rla fkfuhs taj fyd|g PSrKh fjkj;a tlal

ta Wkdg wkqkaf. l=Kq lkao,a fydh fydhd ldg yrs foia fojd,a ;sh ;shd lkag .sfhd;a ldrsh Wkag wrekag uqxg fkfuhs fyd| ke;af; wmsguhs

fyd|hs ux lshdmq foa yrs keoao ux wykafk

yrauka iraf.ka ux okafk ke;s bx.S%is jpkj, f;areï bf.k .kakj tfyu l:dny w;r;=fra wfma • rx.kdoka ira jákd lshk ixialD;sl foaj,q;a tlaldiq lrkj

ux tajd uf.a ysf;a fmdf;a ,shd .kakj

uf.a m%Kduh ta jf. ixjdo j,g 






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