Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Foot path
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20. 07. 2013

Mr. Deekirikewage Saradiel
[Born – 25 March 1832
Died – 07 May 1864
Occupation – HERO]

Dear Saradiel 

This is no 'official' letter ' this is not a 'complaints full letter' this is not a report done after monitoring 'people of today' 'how they live exactly' or after reading their lives 'what they eat' ' how they get their retirement pay' or how people analyze  people but i wrote only thinking about you so read this with some patience in mind.  

Your good thinking towards ‘your people’ (that is people of SL) is enough for me to keep my thoughts entangled with this minute of living not letting moving away from you or of your braveness Saradiel.

Uthuwankanda was witnessing all these I realize when ever I go passing that your area. For some you are not a hero but who cares you are a hero for me. You know this heroness or heroineness or heronization heroinization (No I do not think you can find these words in the dictionary of love you know or the dictionary of ‘people’ you have met then or even now. they are not just word for people like you. i like using such addressings and introducings only for individuals like you Saradiel. 

1832 that was the year you were born did i mis read the pages of history no i guess?  But what is the year – today '2013' how many, any long days gone passing not only words but also sentences adding or deleting from the words full of dictionaries of people or books not only here but also there the people you had less contacts back then. such things reminds me of people, group (how to forget them) that you had to deal with back then ‘ stealing from them only the portions that they should not keep or store and giving to a different group. Why did you do that ‘to aid your hunger’  ‘NO’ for the sake of your people that is us. All that happened between the era you lived happily until you had to say good bye not only to your menika but also to your people ( you thought about them more than you think about them today) that you always thought of finding or stealing some grain to aid the hunger and thirst of children or again our people that is between 1832 – 1864.

While doing all these hero for poor certainly how did you find some time to teach or explain about gaha kola you knew of uthuwankanda it is truly and amazingly ‘thoughtful’.

You knew no AK 47 or T 56 back then  I do not know whether those children of culprits who named their children ‘AK 47’ or ‘T 56’ were born at that time you had to find  something useful to fight against your battle of hunger at that time. You knew no samithi or samagam back then you did everything that your heart and mind wanted and requested to do all alone your self. only good samithiya you knew back then is your ‘game minissu’ ( village people) and your ‘MOTHER’ and your never changed for anything ‘FATHER’. Tough they were little hesitant and worried the way you handle your battle ‘knowing or without knowing to your own instinct’
Yes you are right I am thinking about your ‘poverty alleviation program’ that was so successful in a way I can say thinking of the obstacles you had to face dear Saradiel.

This too I know that I have no authority or I live not above you to cll you by your name’ dear Saradiel’ pardon me for that. I do so because I feel some closeness to ‘your thinking and respect that you had within for ‘people= human’, towards ‘people’s matters’ towards peace of within that is to fight against ‘hunger of people’ against ‘cruelness of controllers of people at that time. you had a good vision I believe that is truly fortunate because that was the era that we had to fight ‘ what do they know about this land’ people  who were so thirsts and hungry for new  ‘colonies’   

when thinking in comparison to the world famous guerrilla leaders I have heard and read ‘you had your own ways of fighting against hunger or any social disharmonies, divisions of societies (cruel or unfair) they should have tried to meet you. What briefing you had from whom ‘I am thinking’ who told you or gave you lessons to ‘do it this way ‘to do it that way’ you had no one for instructions. You were a good organizer you knew how to brief ‘the kollo kello’ (boys and girls) who were unforcedly liked to follow you and support you.  Think back ward for a minute Saradiel. Am I narrating this a wrong way or am I misunderstood the ear you lived with so much dignity and respect not only from the ithihasayata garu kala kollo kello ( the boys and girls who respected the history of the land they lived)

How fortunate she was to fallen in love with a good hearted man like you. I feel really jealous of your woman Saradiel. The person who re painted you on silver screen gave her a name Saradiel ‘ Menika’ her name am I right? What is her true name did the artist of our people give the name of the woman he loved so much to the woman you loved solely to respect her’ for further clarifications I will have to meet the creator of ‘Sura Sardiel’. Think how important you were for them. They knew and have luckily understood the value of the character of yours ‘Sardiel’    

I am so amazed at how you faced all those obstacles you had to face facing bravely for any or many ‘binettu’ (firearms) – forwarded your way with no fear.

You knew every inch of Uthuwankanda I doubt nothing of your ‘knowledge of your people and the area you lived’ you loved your territory  Saradiel. You knew how to meet your beloved while you were so successfully organizing your ‘Poverty alleviation’ thinking processes saradiel.

The wel widane’s and some who knew only to wore ‘kaaki bottam kabaya’ did not understand your views totally I feel. Ah! That I can name as a very sad thing.

They all were failed to aim and fire and burnt ‘what you were holding – within’ Saradiel.

They could not steal away the things you truly deserved to hold within. And even who ever prefers to re design you on any screen or on any page of book wrong way or right way they still need to read you accurately. I often see that they mis write you and your inner values little wrong way.
I like to tell you one thing saradiel

Please do not worry about your people now. They are not mal nourished in anything.  They are well nourished in their ‘THNINKING’S compared to back then. They have what they want now though some often try to read people wrong way. They are a well nourish group now and most of them are well equipped with ‘good conscious’. So stop worrying about how your people think now about the world of people or about your subject ‘poverty alleviation your way’ and ‘= + human’.     

So dear Saradiel I like to know ‘do you still get some time to think about your people and analyze them like you did in the past’. Do you still find some time off from your poverty alleviation programme’ and read and meet the game minissu tika who owns not only haraka baana ( cattle/ animal husbandry) but also now they have three wheelers and little, little kade ( shops) near roads  including who take their day’s earning away from them by force or to list out ‘what are their priorities’ needs and what they lack for a better ‘no difficulties at all life’. Yes, yes I agree that those days you had to pay all those in ‘haal pol’ bada inguru or in thala meneri’ for kaaki coat weares or for binettu holders.  Today it is entirely different ‘they may ask or need something different’ yes may be in cash’ these things may not applicable to all or whole or to total ‘so they do not have to worry. Am I right saradiel?  

Feelings of human not equal to thala meneri you should plan a lesson for some of the people now and educate them in such things ‘Do you have ‘no work’ – ‘minutes or hours’ away from you designed poverty alleviation progarmme to organize such activities’?

Uthuwankanda is different to Ampara and all little gama’s (villages) I know 
‘are you happy now the way they deal with their aswenna now’ (harvest)? Or how the people of Gadaladeniya, Aladeniya, peradeniya, penideniya people deal with their day to day life dealings?

Do not worry Sradiel though you can not find any Milla Halmilla, sandun, kos del, Nedun, Teak, burutha, Huri Maara, weta heeriya for your kadulla ( fence made of parts of tree – timber) eraminiya for bite, ambul pera for game lamai,  in Uthuwankanda like in those days. They all have not gone with the wind but with the Mudalalilas’( shop owners, dealers) of various types and shapes in height and weight too who try to aid their hunger and thirst breaking or cutting down the ones I named above (I gave a list ) without thinking of replacing at least two to compensate. Actually you were right they are so poor in understanding the value of protecting and ‘thinking’ including ‘saving’ our ‘wata pitaawa’ (surroundings)  who cuts and pastes their faces smiles and giggles on walls ‘for what and during when’ I do not have to tell that is why you told them ‘ you owe me trees’  gents and hardly ladies who join the ‘process of cutting trees) all those are direct product of ‘ posturing’ on walls.

Oh sorry I can not remember the good calculations you gave me and our people of what is remaining ( not in acres) how many of them that our good people cuts and finish for the sake of their not only wallets but also for the sake of their ‘power departments’

Oh why should I waste my words no explaining the value of not spoiling the ‘thaappa and bemi’ (walls) privately maintained and of houses during any yugaya (era)

Now saradiel this my note becoming little boring to read no let me windup until I come and meet you with some good information of ‘now day people’ ‘ kollo’ ‘kello’ deshapalanaya ( political) and sanskruthika ( cultural) aarthika ( economic) thathwaya ( situation) of ape minissu (our people )
and any or many will write to you in any future any minute, day with additional information for you to get a good view of ‘today’ ‘people’ not only about ‘people of your area’ ( uthuwankanda) and about people of your born land’

Jaya sri maha bo samidu pihitai! 

This is Sandika (from 1970)

P. S sorry saradiel i know that you are not a 'www. com' - Fan ( i am not a fan for you but a good friend) and you are not very or any familiar with this type reading but what to do this is what i learnt from these days lettering methods and strategies. 


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