Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bold, curly or straight what is your choice of STYLE

Styles, fashion - clothing, accessories, and shoes these things always bring some fanciness, freshness or some changes in to people’s lives. 
Hair styles

I like this subject of styling hair not a lot but to a certain level. I often enjoy observing the styles chosen by the women and rarely men during my bus-ings. There I can view the ways that they have tied their hair, the looks, shapes those styles have added to their looks - external and also to their personalities of course not internal it is not possible at all to view ones ‘ internal lines just by looking at ones styles chosen hair or otherwise. Not only that but also the volume of hair, partitions the way they combed & styled their all these things fascinates me.

It is not fare to say that the people who prefer ‘bold looks’ do not like hair styles or long or short cuttings  – hair. I am not familiar with ‘hair tattooing ’ do not know whether there is any such style exists in this many styles available and difficult sometimes to choose what styles should go with our looks personal –world?  NO I m not a tattoo fan J   though it looks like a good art and some creativity can be seen in the hands who handles such designs.

Bold look with a tattoo I am not sure whether it goes together. NO I guess.
Some keep a part bold and another part with a different style – hair. They are not totally bold J but half or quarterly bold.  How about that style?  As seen on TV’ s I can say memorize one or two styles. Some keep some hair which gives a ‘V’ shape and rest of the hair they remove totally.  I hope you all can imagine of the style I explain here.

My nephews I can remember at that time he was not that old not even I feet in height his mother has taken him to a saloon and done such style to him. That was their choice. What do children , kids understand about such styles it is for their parents fascination I thought that they might have gone and cut their child’s hair like that.

I do not know whether I should take it as ‘the influences of fashion and passion for children, lives of adults.

I know since ‘tuition’ Bio, chemistry, physics, mathematics, Arts and crafts, logics and commerce, IT, Zoo, botany, English entered our children’ lives we could observe some changes not only in kids lives but also their parents social and even educational spheres so as one of the results of that a ‘sub – culture’ formed related to. A different peer groups arose, the words language they speak changed slightly. Very specifically there is a huge trend in teen, youth looks and what they wear for their classes. I know girls very often complain that they need new clothing for them to go to classes – tuition. The reason they say is that the way that other friends who belong to the same peer groups and different class categories dresses or what they wear for their classes.  I know they never go with ‘karal dekata konde gothala’ styles   I know they look so good and eye pleasing in the styles they choose.

Youth and teens they are very well aware of ‘what fashion and looks go better with their physical appearances.
I have not noticed any bold looks so far.

Those days (I do not know whether it happens these days or not) some bet on something and if they lose they choose ‘bold styles. Such bets not give any big harm to their pockets. Such bets are little wiser compared to some bets of people – chosen very idiotic way. i. e. Going naked or something J silly. What political intelligence such people hold for god sake? I do not understand.

Some do not choose bold style through out their whole life. Some prefers to change their styles not only hair but also other including ‘clothing’ shoes etc. they go for different make over from time to time.

Fortunately we have good set of designers all type or any type for people’s choice of fashions. Problem in this sector is that I believe is they are little lazy and do not do much of things and do not think of competing with outside world. Competitions bring the best out of their talents. I only see big designers who model their designs in world class flat forms. That is bad because I know that both our ladies and gents got talent enough of them. 

designers of ours do you agree with me here

Ah! Yes I admit our beauticians often bring trophies from outside world for their ‘hair styles’ make ups. I can remember our Gayathri Dias once brought a medal from Singapore or from Thailand (?) for her hair styles modeled by a gorgeous girl. Am I right?

She is not the only hair stylists or beautician who won such titles. She once won Miss SL title if my memory still works properly. And after that only she got a chance to act in a television drama. Correct me am I right?
She is got a long hair a very long hair those days J
I can capture a bit from that another bit from different area what I do not know is how to connect them all together. Fashion passion styles – hair, accessories various, shoes including boots for various occasions in the fields of tea.

I remember my father used to say that ‘hitha Honda thattaya was with them for sometime in Oman. Am I right? Were you a chef there?

Mama hitha honda thattaya
Kaageth honda mithraya
Kawruth danna

That is Rony Leech who says so. He is so proud about his ‘style’.  His style is bold. I know that he has given many explanations on TV – during interviews as to why he thought of going ‘bold’ instead of curly or straight or weavy.
School girls have to use ‘flat style’ they are not allowed any other styles unless they have short hair cuts. I am not sure whether they are allowed for a ‘French flat’ though we used to try it during our schooling days.
Hair is considered as one of the pancha kalyanaya for any contest held among beautiful ladies.

Pancha in Pali or in Sanskrit number five.
Dantha kalyanaya ( teeth)
Chawi kalyanaya ( skin)
Kesha kalyanaya (hair) i can not remember the rest of the kalyanayan

The brides go in various styles of their choices. I can remember the photograph taken at the wedding of my teacher who lives in Ganemulla. I do not see any such type any modern weddings. Do girls prefer old styles during their big days?  

I am asking all the bridal dressers including Mr.Ramzi Rahman? Do you still in Borella changing the styles and waves of both girls and ladies, gents
Ah! I remember how Ms Rukmani Devi, Ms Jeewarani Kurukulasooriya and most the others have portrait in their various occasions , functions on silver – screen. Unfortunately I have not seen them live.

I like their old fashioned not a bit but a lot they are so tall in their chosen fashions and styles hair and shoes , handbags accessories all big styles they have chosen the movies created witnessing all.  I also remember ho ho thushara ho ho thsuahara uda pennoth bima wetenne wei naawoth oyaata tharaha hithei lady how she looked on big screen silver.

Koi yanne banda nalawaala lesi gamane
Inga solawaala paawena sulange wada mala wage wada mala wage

Every style is a style though people give various or different explanations and value, demands, for such things.

I can not specifically name one particular hair style of our all time gorgeous Ms Malini Fonseka’s portrayed hair styles of those days. I love all of them
And I like to turn a bit towards Bolly wood I like the OM Shanthi Om styles 

Deepika Padukon’s and the other co stars hair styles. They were dressed like yesteryear stars in that movie. Fascinating and fabulous.
The Japanese hair styles with their ‘traditional costume’ eye pleasing.
Sophia Loren, Jackie Onassis Kennedy, Marylyn Monroe’s styles

Styles changes over time. Often girls and ladies go for old looks just for a change or for an attractive change. I think to analyze hair styles of all era ‘cinema is a good place’. World cinema is not just one day or two days old therefore you get plenty of chances to view or get an understanding about not about movie stars but about their fashion and passion. Kadawunu proronduwa to Siri Perakum I have seen many and many styles on big screen. Youngsters of all eras used to style their hairs the way their stars styling their hairs.

I Know that some used to copy the styles of Mr. Victor Ratnayake, some had any many things to talk about Mr. Roy De Silva’s hair styles. How to forget his beloved ‘ Sumana Amarasinghe she is  a star and she now engages in styling the all type hair of any type ladies. I remember how she dressed my cousin sister my father’s elder sister’s elder daughter as a bride. She looked stunning.

‘Straitening – styles’ girls prefer very much I know and have noticed asked and shared such preferences, choices  with me actually the ones I knew. I do not know whether ladies girls go for what they do not have generally. Girls who has wavy or curly hair (not all though) like to style their hair in a straitening way. Straight hair ones prefer curly again not all or everyone though.

Short hair is not a new style anymore

Those days all members of families were very particular about ‘long hair’ for the girls – young it was not easy at all to get permission from the elders of family to shorten their hair.  Now girls, ladies of our society style their hair the way they like.

I do not see any always oiled and neatly combed hair these days. Fashions and trends become old or new from generations to generations . that is why the fashion magazines get much attention these days compared to past. Every weekly or mostly in week end papers they never forget to allocate a page for fashion enthusiasms in their issues as a supplementary in magazines  

Those days it is ‘saloon’ I have seen now the salons you find almost everywhere so it is no issue for a girl or for a boy to do their cuts and styles as they please.

Styling ingredients, hair comforting , relaxing gels or sprays now come in various, branded way from other parts of the world AND NOW WE OUR PEOPLE MANUFACTURE THEM TO THE HIGH STANDARD THAT has ALWAYS maintained the highest ‘QUALITY’ in their manufacturing standards they can COMPETE WITH ANY BRANDED FAMOUS NAMES OF THE WORLD. That is a good sign and a hope in the business sectors. Mainly the importance of such things is ‘the local’ people understand the better the local people. So they know what weather conditions what geographical conditions what problems generally the working women – outside to rooms or offices local face. What damages some weather conditions bring in to their hair or to their skin. The local products always go with local women’s styles though any international styles and manufactures too goes well with the skin and fashion fiestas, attitudes of fashions etc. The manufactures – cosmetics have done their researches over years about the women and men of this world and their styles or skin tones, hair. i do not know the accuracy level  of following categories of hair type i should consult a beautician to get accurate information on following.  

Combination type

It is no harm knowing your hair type then it is easy to treat them properly when ever you need to treat the route of the hair including the scalp.  
Trimming is not a new treatment or a style including colouring or re bonding. Bold style is an easy way of styling one does not have to worry about combing or styling it gelling or worrying about grey hair.

Hair fall control one must do. But I have read it is normal to lose 100 – 150 hair a day but if it exceeds one has to get treatment not from a beautician but from a medical doctor I suppose. Loosing hair too says a lot about ones inner health conditions, physical health etc.

Balanced diet will keep you away from any health hazards not only just ‘hair related’ issues also any type. Though you go for bold style taking a balanced diet is important for your health and one mustn’t forget that.
Bold type will get you very bold attention from the others reason is obvious amongst all other fashion bold style too get enough of attention from the fashion lovers. Often people choose their friends, partners when they find some comfortableness in fashion they choose.

Ok I guess this is adequate to read for a change this essay mine written on ‘bold style’ in particular

Thank you for reading me ……………………………






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