Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Buz Reservations

May all beings be healthy!

Reservations can be done anyways or what ever ways approved or accepted ways depending on the needs and services expect or respect by people or institutions.
Reserved for customers only’ this is a famous & popular reservation.

the following bus NUGEGODA 1970 is reserved not only for Nugegoda passengers but also for Eheliyagoda, Embilipitiya, Hingurakgoda, Samanalapura, Thissamaharama, Ambalanthota, Minuwangoda polhengoda etc etc passengers :)

Customers only what can be done without the service providers.  We often forget the value of all type service providers. Therefore I like to reserve some place in this path and page mine for ‘service providers’ as well.

Libraries are for ‘readers only’ that is not a place ‘for buyers only’ ‘no men allowed’ some places are reserved for ladies only that are mostly the ‘fit on well rooms’ ohhh!!!!!!!!!! No I know this too there are places ‘for gentlemen only’ I m not sure whether there are any ‘for kids only’ how can the kids move to any place without their guardians that is not possible.

‘For Guardians only’ can we see any such notices at any ‘parents’ meetings places’ – schools/universities?

‘Reserved for teachers only’ I have not seen any such notices anywhere at any institutions.

this 1970 Nugegoda not only for teachers but also for students :)

‘Lecturers only’ J

what is lecturing is lecturing different to teaching

You know sometimes these English words confuse me when thinking of the real meanings of the words. How to apply or enter very appropriate word at appropriate minutes.

Some lecturers are very popular in teaching or expressing their views on bas vahara or ‘bhasha viyawahaaraya’ (Language practices) spoken mainly? Or is it both spoken and written comes under language practices obviously no?

‘katha bas’ = dialogues?
you hear any many dialogues while passengering in a bus towards anywhere you prefer they are truly interesting. i suggest listen to some good conversations once in a way this is not gossiping or trying to secretly listening to other people's conversations dialogues but these days dialogues conversations will definitly teach you things interesting 

reserve some time for listening as well i suggest

so following picture i dedicate to bas katha bas buzzzz bus dialogues :)

There is one kola kenda kade near my place of living on the left hand side of the road towards ‘jubilee junction’. I do not see any reservation boards mentioning ‘Vehicle Park – customers only’ near this kade or this little restaurant mostly (99.9%) open in the mornings and during some nights ( is this rare?) and some evenings it is closed. So most mornings and during the times it is open I observed many daddies, mummies, aunts and uncles, sisters & brothers have parked their ‘huru buhuti’, ‘Suzuki’ ‘Yamaha’s ‘Bajaj’s’  Hero Honda’s , near this place for a ‘breakfast break’. So these such most expensive branded of the world, four wheels or two wheels so handily expects and waits until their masters return from their breaking faster their ‘breaks’- previous nights .

These ones are their ones I guess, all these ones seemed loved their meals of mornings looking for a healthy life reservation ahead mostly after good exercises walk, jogging, or aerobics,  bit of running along the places they prefer or near parliament ground or after using the walking spaces of main gate of kotte.
Some have very well maintained their ones I mean the vehicles and wheels seemed to me that they are sending them for easy servicing for a easy and convenience using. ‘Ezy racing ones with black and hot red’ was about to join them I noticed J
i can not remember the whole set of words of the song sang by young and cool mr Perera 

but i remember only following words

Iridaata palliyedi
Senasuraadaata panthiyedi
Sikuraadaata handiyedi

Ehema wenne koi rateda koi rateda
Lankaawe Lankaawe J

How is this ( above) daddy son combination? Coooool truly.

Hello! Junior S Perera what are your new plans for the forth coming seasons of music? And here is a suggestion do not forget to get a vocal support of good voice girl ‘miss Guna - thilaka’ (daughter of Ms Chandra Lekha and Mr. (Janakaantha) R Gunathilaka’ )

Some reservations tags carried special reservations. Some strongly mentions this vehicle park is not for the ones who come seeking our service but the place is ‘reserved ministers’ secretaries only’ that is to park their four wheels I can see this reservation signals along the good road series that leads to too many destinations, journeys along the Nawala paara (road)
Kolambage mw, Narahenpita, Asiri junction, from their who ever prefers can go to Thimbirigasyaya’  from there can join 138 route why am I writing all these names of roads and areas this particular Nawala paara helps connects all these above routes together.
I often forget that every route is well connected every other routes.
kiri mandala paara , school lane, Rajagiriya these lanes and paths areas too were well connected with this good road NAWALA road (paara)

‘For residents only’ (private road)

Residents do not like to welcome nonresidents WHAT A GOOD TRUTH that is. Intelligent. Non residents may spoil their day today routings of life therefore good thing is to put a huge sign board like above ‘residents only’  
Reservations aviations are important it is not like you wait for another bus to come am I right ‘nikamata’?

I guess at least for a bus we will only have to wait for 17 – 19 minutes not more than that this is different to air buses services

Some reservations one can encounter in movie theaters nangi (sister) and I went to see siri perakum ( movie) we went and sat in a wrong place because the place was very full of their movie readers we were worried of loosing a place to sit’ so finally we went and happily sat in a place where we get less distractions from any happy movie readers so after settling there and while listening to good mind calming songs one of the staff members came and asked for our tickets they wanted us to move to a different seats allocated for us initially at the ticketing counter so as I mentioned earlier that reservations already done at the ‘ticket selling counters’. Reason for all such troubles it was our fault really none of us have read the ticket given to us properly. so the lesson learnt that day was read what ever you get at least glance through to catch something important .
Lessons reservations ;

Therefore ‘Sandika and nadeeka :) what you two have to do first before movieing is to ‘read the ticket well’ at least to get an idea of what seat number we should go and look for before thinking of seating. So at that movieing (movie reading) the seat numbers we were offered are F 17 and F 18 . so we happily read the movie. Reading is different than watching I know. watching anyone can do reading accurately is the most difficult thing in this world. There are things to read when no words or dialogues provided but only the music and back ground speaks. Then we need a very close reading to understand the writer s spirit the good write of that page Siri Perakum I already mentioned previously on this page Mr. Somaratna Dissanayake.
Ah ! it is so good to see you using bus service ‘ Agra Purohitha’ ( I saw him in 76 Nugegoda Hettiyawatte)  I think I recognized you correctly J

So that was about ‘movieing’ or ‘theatreing’ reservations
Waiting to watch samanala sandhwaniya J how are you sir? (Mr Jayantha Chandra Siri)

No we could not involve in any icecreaming while movieing I was not sure whether my nangi could afford for any ‘wonderbaring’, ‘elephanthousing’, or cargilizing – magic or any highlanding flavours J

There is a place reserve for ice cream storing that machines are called ‘refrigerators mind you J  – these ice cream reservations are shared with other share holders like ‘ fish de freezings’ J .

Is this boring?

There is another thing that I noticed yesterday morning (not that I have not noticed these notices before) few things that have some importance in viewing or should or must view or review by the passengers of day to day buzings?
One seat is ‘reserved for pregnant mothers (sorry I can’t remember which side of the bus I noticed the message)

And there is another seat also allocated for ‘differently Able’ not for disabled
The H S B C global bank has reserved a small lane like area for such differently able not disable ones for their preferred banking needs. But they are not the only good institution that have done this good thinking I want to ‘reserve (huge) my respect for them’ 

Another seat is ‘reserved for clergies

Mrs Malini Bulathsingala once sang a good song I can not remember the lines unfortunately the song was about people who ignore to give the seat of busses allocated for the relevant people. 

011 5555959 this is the number that you should use to report any disputes related to the service of the busses. The board has reserved some place for such notices on behalf of their passengers good to read.

Any reports or calls received against the services of the busses so far dear sir ‘011 5555959’?

My goodness I should not forget to buy the ticket paying the exact rate before buzzing I can’t pay 100 rupees as fines that is how many times higher the normal bus ticket rate do you know. (I am weak in mathematics) I should have first sat for matriculation test before applying for university – Peradeniya J I can not remember the message reservation accurately sorry about that

ok for your own good go and read it the notice which they have pasted or stickered in every buss

How is daily mirror buzzing goes these days? I could not read them for a long time.
Every corner is reserved for something special or very special or for commercial or non commercial, musical or news of a good stage drama, political or apolitical messages, overseas tours, education fairs I do not have to tell all above reservations are different to each and every reservation

Front pages of some books are reserved for ‘acknowledgements’

Recently I visited ‘pawning dept of the People’s bank’ – Nugegoda city branch there I noticed (this I have noticed a long ago) there is one place reserved for a ornamental fishes this you can see just before entering the pawning centre division . 
I got a little chance to share few words with the officer security for about few seconds before my sister screaming and throwing some words at me ‘what are you doing there you need to go in now’ felt little shy L so the security – friendly officer told me that ‘we change the fish types once in every three or six months for a change’

That I did not know actually I thought that is good thinking

Who does not like ‘change in life’ even grannies (including me J and mummies kiddies, Daddies, my brothers my friends too - all like changes in their life am I right? 30 maha yodhaya too love to see some change in their life I read what do you have to say Sir? (Minister of cultural affairs) that is good wording & weaving? Oh actually I did know that you can act well but I never thought that you could write this brilliant in Sinhala very local way the language you have used in the column you wrote to irida Lankadeepa I like them very much. Congratulations sir!
Column reservations are so amazing even the yugala pada (coupled words) reservations of the same paper was so eye pleasing and mind soothing.

Ada  heta
Hani hanikata
Gen geta
Denuma minuma
Kadi mudiye
Hoyala balala
Duwala paenala
Wedak palak
Ehen mehen
Karala balala
Yasata rangata
Natala gayala
Gayala wayala
Hithala balala
Rasata gunata

Above I reserved for coupled words ( yugala pada)I have learnt from this book and that book this paper and from that paper, this article and that article, from this katha bas and that katha bas ( dialogues) in busses and on trains in three wheelers, ( this yugala pada thinking I have stolen while reading from irida lankadeepa J)

 thank you for reserving some minutes and hours for reading this Buz reservations my respect for you ALL for that ............................... 

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