Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Monday, July 8, 2013

exploring NUGEGODA after 8.00 pm ......................................

I owe few things to some people of this world. ‘People’ is a good word from all the words that exists and have learnt from this world. Nugegoda is a place where you find people move from here to there from there to here from there to somewhere and is a unexplainbly  busy town though it is not the world’s busiest town. 

Some moves or rides, drives with their own ones, preferred ones, loved ones plus there are many who walks alone to their preferred destinations carrying this and that or emptied hands may be they must have kept what they own somewhere else for security purposes I noticed yesterday.

Everyone has a nest though these nests have few different words in naming. Some nests are rented ones, some are owned or leased for a long time ones. 

their place is cool and peaceful unless no one disturbs them :) cost for such housings not that much and affordable i guess  

At least people have a pavement to sleep to fight against nights how good it is that nights come allowing those who does not own permitted, deeded walled ones to rest a bit at least on the pavements.

I noticed ……………………………

Most of them were heading towards their personal nests after their private and limited service centres , institutions , companies I thought so because of the time at that time and before dark all like to reach their nests. So all were busy on roads searching for buses to reach from I mentioned earlier from their public or private or state destinations that they spent 8 or more hours a day. Some I m sure were planning their week ends while walking or riding, driving towards their nests – personal.  Yesterday  05/07/2013) was a Friday. During week ends all big or major cities become little relax because they are moving towards their gama rata (villages) on the last day of the ‘week days series’ – Friday.

I can imagine the situation at the big private and public bus stand in the big city Colombo. I used to experience the same mostly during the last day of the week day series ‘so hectic and tiresome’ until I reach home, I loved home, candy - Kandy. I used to keep some candies while traveling to Kandy from Colombo the big city, that always has something to explore, the city which always show me and reminds me that ‘you know nothing about this city lady’ explore more about the people of this city. There are things that I can’t be bothered about thinking or little lazy to explore.

Things such as …………………………

What is the total population of this city why should I bother because why should people think of all the people that comes in or goes out of this city. In that city or this city it is not the population what really matters. It is what people do what things may have in their minds, what perceptions they hold on this and that of things exists in this world.  What are  things that sometimes they think are issues do they face any troubles related to peace and harmony or hazards for a society we live.  There are things one can collate or gather from the faces they meet and read or from the conversations they hear. What are the things important for people from people.     

Some boast about what they have, some cries, some worries about the things that they do not have forgetting what they have in their hands. Some worries when they can not find the fitted or right shoes that matches for their walking exercises, some girls may worry thinking that they may have lost what they had before their eyes always , who accompanied them to a certain period of time walking behind while others or the same driving ahead proceed towards their future having true plans in their minds.   Most people lack at least a single thing in their lives. I lack proper reading skills. It is not possible at all for me to read things from a huge distance I say this because I have poor vision, visionary issues therefore it is not possible to read things properly. I m a bit surprised to know that those who can read things very closely too have issues in understand people.

So yesterday night I tried to read Nugegoda in a bit of different way while facing all the neon and vehicles lights with some difficulties.  Town had become calmer compared to the situation of the day time. Most of the shop owners and their good assistants – workers gone home after a ‘good day’ of work, after a profitable day I do not like to doubt.

Senkada was closed. The provided electricity allowed me to read the title board little closer than during day. 

Siri du was looking at me saying ‘hey we are close you are late’ No I told her I was not planning to come to siri du though she owns things that I may like buying, some fancy, fancy hair bands, hair clips, some moisturizers. Her glowful skin said bit about her as well.    

Game kade was open but I doubt that they had anything for me to eat.

Nihal's Ice cream place 

The Ice cream seller, the man who thinks that ‘ api hamba karagna kana ekane dingak sodala pirisindu karanna owne, minissunta kanna dena dene’ ‘ he is the most famous Ice cream seller of the city I like to believe.

We earn a living from this machine we should clean it after using it. This machine provides something to eat for people cleanliness of the machine is important. That was what he really meant.  

He was cleansing his ice cream machine before leaving the place. I was happy to see his shop was opened that is a good place to stop for a while I always like to do so.   

No I could not eat any ice cream yesterday J

Some shops were half closed half open ones do not allow any customers in that is a sign of ‘we are off for the day and ready to go home’ like everyone else does.

Coming from senkada area …………………….

I saw and heard a conversation between a man and a woman she was saying something to him I do not like to mention here the words and conversation because I like to respect their PRIVACY. She had some good advice for him.  They was standing facing the public super market of the city. One of the old buildings of the city I guess.  The gentleman was lying on the cement floor, on a pavement facing the colour lights – Stanly Thilakaratne mawatha. The lady was carrying something a bag I guess. I do not know what it contained.  I do not think that they own a house or have a place to live permanently. That is their life.

Do people need a place of their own to be happy the couple asked me in a different way & they managed to talk few things to my inner line yesterday?  

The lover‘s

They have kept all the bags full of unnecessary unwanted stuff that they were planning to throw away outside to their private limited.

I thought while passing the place towards the Bo tree …………………..

Do lovers have this much of things to throw away and what were things that they may have kept inside? J
The shop which sells products of two big names, brands the shoes was a little busy at that moment.

I thought ……………………

Even though this and that brands the world produce we do not want them all and we have our personal choices over the things we see in shops. I could not find the product I was expected to buy on that particular night. 

I was thinking of moving in to the other shops ……………

Yet one particular voice warned me ‘it is late you should go home now’     

I could not recognize her voice she remind me the time at that moment,  8.38 pm.  Thank you for telling me the time dear girl. Who owns that beautiful voice? Which fm channeling they were tuning in I could not recognize.

During rush hours of my mind I can not choose what is good for me.

So it was not a good moment to choose a good pair of shoes that comfort my poor legs that mostly do not allow me to stay at home and relax. Always gives this and that thoughts asking me to ‘walk around a bit’ do not stay in home like a prisoner. You have not committed any crimes so go and walk the way you like, read at least few faces and bring something home.   ‘awidda paya dahas watee’ J there is such a saying in Sinhala.  The walking feet worth thousands  that is what it says (sorry about poor translation)

I know and I understand most the things happened or happening now and then are so co incidental.  The billboards that I read very often too say things. I am wondering sometimes how harsh or unfair this life most of the moments hinting me this and that even through the things that I read.

There are traffic lights in the middle of the town. Actually there are three of them in the heart of the town. Two of them work in a good way. There is one towards one of the ‘ wasana mandiraya’ ( the houses of fortune) the lotteries selling tiny little, outlet  there only the red light works properly. There is no sign of a green light. It has disappeared I noticed since few months from now. But I know when to cross the road and when not to cross but people often get confuse with the signals that the pillars issues. For them to read the signs properly we need to provide them what they need, the necessary aduma kuduma. The nagara sabha or the board of electricity who’s responsibility is that to re correct the colours?  

The no limit in design clan was unpacking their received clothings, accessories, from the factories I assumed ………………………

The famous bo tree of this city area is little different now compared to the days – previous that I realized yesterday. I was searching for a moment to talk with somebody/lady to get an idea of their views in particular on their preferred jobs (?) – Such jobs holders generally get no TORs explaining this is what you should do or mentioning these are your tasks.

Do these jobs help them to plan their lives?   or is it just spoil their futures ?

Lema pamanak lowata penena laya nopenena landune (the breasts that is what the world see not the heart of them)

This particular song too came in to my mind while writing this note …………………..

Semin sere piyaa widaa sinnidu sayane sinindu athirillen
Soya awith sithum siyothun

Above is not just a song which says about the smoothness of feelings of men and women who like to lie down on the coverlets – smooth that was about men and women who are searching or looking for a place to hide alone with the ones they prefer. Interesting that was a movie song.

These thoughts came in to my mind …………………………. After seeing a couple who moved away from my site, disappearing towards the roads near mahajana pola .the area was little cool and dark no people I noticed along the road except a couple of cars.

That was not a strange site or an unfamiliar area at all for me  

The Cargills of the town was little busy I noticed. Congratulations! You are going to open a new outlet how many job opportunities are planning to provide this time?

A lorry that belongs to the Ruhunu Putha tea factory private limited was parked somewhere along the left side of 168, 219, 259 route from Nugegoda.

Mahajana pola was about to close their day’s dealings. Cleansing the floors or selling territories? I could not closely observe.  I did not want anything at that time. it was not a good time for me to do marketing
The vine stores; they have not gone to sleep. Few guys were waiting and peeping through the closed door I noticed that shop is not the one close to the 100 rupee shop this particular one is near the ‘ wisdom providers’  and it is also close to the miracle hands – the pre school.

That is the picture I can draw after visiting town after 8 00 pm.

So this is not a good report on Nugegoda reason is the time allocated for roam around Nugegoda was so tiny and limited.

I got in to the 259 kanaththa paara bus and got down from the jubilee post to meet my little sister/s who works at Green cross and reached home.

[Above is another continuation note of the essay series ‘on nugegoda Tenderly …………………. To be continued …………..)


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