Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Friday, August 23, 2013

In veneration of Goddess Paththini

Jeewanca raccica pathibbatha Dibba Maatha
Ethena Sidda Pathinithi Suladda Naama
Punnani maani anomidiya chitta maada
Palethuman Satta Saata Sukha Wahantho

the chapter about other chapters  

all the chapters here are unedited and you may find confusing grammar errors as well. the life is always full of errors and corrections i like to believe therefore i believe you will pardon me for my errors because i write English my way. perhaps i should think of learning it properly but till then please dear friends, well wishes, benefactors, read me with some patience and correct me whenever you can ..............................

before i move forward any further with my explanation i like to write a very common notification that i and you perhaps read before watching any movies that are not based on true stories

what are the lines? can you remember

the characters and the incidents that we portrait here in this movie are not resemblance to any dead or survive (?)  or live and every incidents take place here are totally imaginary and they are fictitious and coincidental. 

but i like to say what i say here may apply to all or at least slightly to the characters that we ourselves hold within or to the ones you and i have met somewhere or anywhere or we may or might meet them in the future because i talk of the/ things that i have observed, viewed, and me myself experienced  further let me add something else as well

i believe that before thinking forming any unions with anyone we first need to think whether they can first of all respect its own members of the group before going in to any welshing purposes of other members of other groups, societies.

some men talk against women and women are - some anti men there are both who ever support any group or never oppose to any group. 

i guess first it is worth learning how women should respect women and how men should respect their own gender men first. 

the chapter after introduction 

Beliefs faiths what are these I sometimes wonder. I have the definitions anthropological. I have the definitions – sociological. Some have things to say logical. Some say things critical. Some are heavy – analytical.  Some are valuable – scared.

I am not good at balancing my thoughts and critics when weighing them, measuring some or even all the things that STILL exist in this very scientific, technological scholars and logics, psychologists, music full of world.

I know that some faiths and beliefs not European or African,   but not all of them are ‘Asian or south Asian.  I do not know whether some of the norms or values exists gets the shape or the size of the territory or region or the colour of skin. I do not know totally how Africans and Nigerians or Japanese and Chinese think or feel about certain or some beliefs Asian. Some things attached to sacrifices and most of them get the shape and size or shape of a coffin of an Asian perhaps Indian. Some of them are area specific or regionally respected.  I do not know the number of Kovils, Shrines in the country, region, or in the world -tribal, primitive, civilized, developed or underdeveloped or highly developed.

Faiths, beliefs respects all value chains, folklore Bajans slokas related to Gods Goddess are part of people’s lives. Some say benefactors are equal to Gods or Goddesses or to Angles.

chapter of chapters 

Arundathi Roy discussed of ‘God of small things’ does is mean that she avoid discussing big things exists this world. I thought person who bought me a pen or a pencil during ‘no money’ periods is a God that was  a big serious thing for me.   ‘Deviyek wage’ (like a God) dewolak wage (like a shrine),   Oh God!, Dewiyane!, Dewi Haanduruwane

Almost every man or a woman mutters at least one or two words one or two times a week in or during their conversations. Why?

Is it because they are not civilized? Is it because they are very ‘primitive’ not primitive, is it because they are wealthy? Is it because they are educated, is it because of they have the world highest ‘degrees’, is it because they have reached space,

What are the differences of people who are respecting some faiths and worship certain Gods and Goddess and not all or some Gods or Goddesses?
Why some faiths and beliefs become ‘illiterate or uneducated type’ in this world we live but some are worldly acknowledged.  Is it because they have met and seen specific or certain Goddesses and Gods not the Gods and Goddesses that some or certain , group, individuals believe or respect have faith towards?

If the educated respects or believes something is it become ‘logical or acceptable’ or if the uneducated respect a certain beliefs of a society or they follow or let’s say worship would that become ‘primitive’ or shameful or insultful?

Are the Anthropologists of modern world ‘Primitive’?

I am thinking of stunning very beautiful J K Rowlin at this moment. The characters she dealt with in her created world and how became a queen in the hearts of almost all the children of this world who understand reading and viewing in their corners of understandings

Why am I mentioning such personalities at this moment in this essay? I thought of the characters she has created the Harry potter the young Hero and the subordinating, assisting characters all supportive and opposite the cruel and ugly characters, saintly characters  and on the other hand I am trying to think of the ordinary women and men who live in their imaginary, illusionary world ? How am I going to rate their positions, characters thinking am I to rate their thinking as ‘primitive’ though they are not recognized as educated or civilized or primitive?

The differences that we create among or between people personalities, and the places we offer or give or how we respect each and every or every single person exits in this world are we doing it ;accurately’ or are we creating differences between people?

though some does not look like Harry potter or J K Rowlin though the people we often or always meet never like her can we let down their ways of thinking?     

It is interesting that the places that we often give for the characters of all levels or types or the personalities that we meet. For some we easily give ‘the tags like ‘ GOOD’ ‘ smart’ ‘ forward’ genuine’ for some others we easily tag them using different tagging systems ‘ stingy’ , primitive’ filthy or smelly ordure.

one before the middle chapter

I like some of the songs written analyzing some of the female characters of this world we live

'kiri ammawaru danata widinawa
kiri suwandai mulu gammane
amma ai a danata noyanne noasan puthanuwane' 

the above song is sung by one of the very popular Sri Lankan Artists, Singer Chandra Lekha Perera above is a song that changed her singing carrier if i am correct. do not know whether she agrees to me though.

there are plenty of songs that talk of female characters and their personalities.  i have a feeling that there are plenty of other facets of both men and women that  yet to be analyzed that is because this world and its people changing every minute and every hour. the complexities that show each time we meet or see them unbelievable and that are not easily explainable

anyways ..............................

women i do not think they always respect the women they know or do not know it is same with the men i do not know though they talk of anti women agendas or they are anti women it is hard to believe that they support fully to the same gender or their own ' biological difference holders'

do not get me wrong or do not misunderstand me

i do not let down any of the campaigns of this world i know what role they truly play and how they support to their same gendered group

yet i know how some do things behind to the same group members that is female or lets say male including how they treat and respect from their beneath lines. they - most does not know how they should treat their co workers  i know how some feel happy when they see a photograph of a woman aged and analyzed.

can such people truly be a part of 'worrying for female groups' or truly worrying about men about men' groups?

yes i m asking so called campaigners world wide?

have you ever respected your in laws before you take any weaponaries against men that you know

have got any chances to respect your mother in law have you got any chances to respect your own friends who try to be better than earlier other than pulling from her legs 

could you ever bear when you get news of any wining  atrophy a medal without you wining it instead

forget all those

how many of you had bit of time to respect the maid of your house?  how do you really talk to them? how do you really address them 

tell me honestly?

It is no easy to be a part of an alms that offer for Goddes Pattini a woman has to be a married, reared a child in her womb, and of course there are other certain things that people think of when inviting ladies of present period of living I m talking about the traditions and sets of thoughts that come attached with the alms or offering for Goddes Pattini

NO English- chapter but you may find characters described following in all chapters all languages 

Pathiwatha rakina gehenun lowa kohi – weeda
Eeta sahaya wana pirimin kohe - yaada
Sihinen wath ho un wena aya - nopetheeda
Redde thuththiri thibunoth Ae (she) wanne - kawurunda?

Kiri amma wannata nam daru weku owne
Ehema nowunu gehenun kandultuh beewa
Pathini Mawni oba a gena kisiwak Keewa
Ahune nehane maahata nam pudumai ewa

Athem gehenu thama anga patha wikinuwa
Daruwan hata bath patha sari karanata sithuwa
Seeni bola bonikkan gedarata yawanata hithuwa
Ehema ayata kohoma hekida kiri amma wannata – mata elesath sithuna

Unge pahasa lebuwan hata mal maala wetunaawe
Ehema karapu gehenun hata gal mul tika wedunaawe
Police pothe nam tika hondatama barakota liwwaawe
Ehema karala untika mathu Budu wuwaawe

Pathiniyak wannata nam dedeneku ownane
Eka rakinnata thani athakata behane
Enta kiyala yanta kiyana lokeka api hitiyaawe
Nuwara kalawiye udawiya dan – dunna
Gangawata korale aya a rasa kara kaewa
Ammwarun sath dena sath desakin aawa
Pahana thiya niwasata sema aasiri pethuwa

Mage nodaruwa asaneepen sath paththini meniyane
Ek dinkadu maa deruwe neha nowa ohu kusaye
Kiri erune nethi unaata maa dethane
Amma nowanuye kima a mata watahaa denne

Kirata bathata sema de pirisindu kota thenuwa
Killata asuweyei hari biyakuth aawa
Kohomba gase athutika dorakada thebuwa
Kaha dingen atha sitha deka sodaa gatta

Sudu piruwata bima eluwe – hith tika sudu karagannai
Kesel kole thawalaa gatte eka hondata nemena nisai
Haal miten mita demme budu wannata sithaa nowei
Dawas hathak pe wunaama hitha dingak niwena nisai

Illu deya nolebunaama hitha nam ridenawaa thamai
A unaata oba gena nam ahithak nam nosithena bawai
Mawni ehema illanne minsun hata nethi demai
Thibunaanam minisun oba amathaka karana hedai

Wendaata mawni oba hata – dana gahalaa
Ammata un gehuwe atha bara karalaa
Ehema karala hisa mudune atha thiyalaa
Aawe aney maa bera dennako dewiduni kiyaala

Pol gesuwata oba idiriye hena illa
Ehema keruwe neha nowe oba dewiyan palla
Pudumai noweda dewidune me hema sith gonna
Kohoma kiyannada mage nam oluwe radaya

Sithen sithata bendunada minisun senehen
Podda beri unaama un gehuwe pollen
Ehema paaga demuwata api neha wairen
Ehema ayata api dunne gawrawe senekin

Aney kohoma kiyawannada minisunge sith – gonnaa
Ekata welawak kohinda maa hata hithunaa
Wegen aedena lokeka maa thani wudaa
Loken thuran wanathuru nam a mata beriyaa

Minisun witeka napurui sith ridawanna
Ehama kalath a minisun lesa sithana
Dewiyan lesata oba langa bo guna ethuwaa
Ehema hithala maa oba hata wendaa

Hith hadana minisun lowa alpa wethe
Hith kadana aya nam boho ,boho wethe
Siyalu semata maa nam sathutama pathami
Yanena gamana karana wedaya hema detama jaya pathami

chapter before the last chapter that is the wishing you all luck chapter

Oba semata Paththini dewi pihitai !

one day i read an article or i watched a new item or a documentary i can not remember what or when exactly? but before all that let me ask you a question - a simple one i do not think you need any marking schemes to find an answer for this

how many of you think of other children from whole heartedly the same way that you think of your own child?

how many of you can bear or truly be happy when a child of a different caste or class or lets say a child of one of your house maids winning or become first in the class not your child?

don't think that hey lady you are not a mother how is it possible for you to ask or who are you to ask a question like that what is the eligibility level etc please forget such things and answer my questions above

ok let me now come in to the one i reminded earlier

the incident was not happened here in SL ? a mother breast feeding had a habit of sending all excess milk to a centre (?) and she refridgerate them for other children who does not have chances to drink mother's milk

can you all remember this incident ?
she could have easily thrown out if her child does not need them but she spent her time to do so 

what you think about such mothers

how many of you think of aborting the child without taking care of them i am not going to say that mothers who does not have any lawful certificates should do that or the mothers who does not have enough money to feed their children should do that or even i do not say that the children who come in to ones or couple's life/lives before they getting any lawful right to child should do that i say NO ONE SHOULD DO THAT aborting is a sin my dear friends 

so let me wind up my note at this point ..................................... just noting few lines in addition to the above 

lets learn before pointing our finger in to others face whether we have the right to do can we assure that we are preventing from doing one or any of the actions or reactions against our own gender groups, groups of any other?



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