Paths Links People

Paths Links People

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet

Thonigala Inscriptions are of the 2nd Century BC and carved on Rock. information courtesy;Internet
Tonigala. (a.) Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisaha wapi acagirika Tisa pawatahi agata anagata catudisa sagasa dine. Dewana pi maharaja Gamini Abaye niyate acanagaraka ca [tawi] rikiya nagaraka ca. Parumaka Abaya puta parumaka Tisa niyata pite raj aha agata anagata catudisa sagasa

History; Path to future

History; Path to future
Reading Future through History, Nagala mountain and the Stupa of the Nagala Kanda Rajamaha Viharaya, Nikaweva, Polpithigama, Kurunegala District.

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today

yesterdays kingdoms enhanced people's today
let us view today through past ...........Kingdom of Yapahuwa - 13th Century

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The couple of letters ‘RE’ is the topic of my day - SUNDAY

I pick and choose words from here and there or from the ones I meet daily or rarely. Or from the messages or invitations I receive known and unknown nets or linkages. I am happy to receive them that support me to recognize many or at least anything of the level of mine of many things and the level or standards or the situations of internal lanes. Why I value them is no secret because I m not rich in words or sentences like you all and I did not own them or brought them when I was born. I do what ever essaying with the words received or from the dictionaries invented or reinvented by the people of this world since what so ever years.  

Repeating the same of what I wrote earlier is no point I know. in a way I am a little lazy woman to re visit and re correct the errors and mistakes I have done in my essay writings and re posting them again on the same path that is foot path some earlier crowned it as ‘my foot’ : - )is silly. I thought.

Re listing and re analyzing all of them again and again are a bit of boring job to do. Re reading I love to do though. But when I write something new I can perhaps correct all the errors but for that I have to re think of many things including ‘learning’ the subject - ‘English the English’s way or the American way’, from any known allies standard ways that the world basically acknowledge. But to tell you frankly ‘truly and honestly’ I LOVE ENGLISH MY WAY …………….

The recognition that the world or who ever give to ‘English my way’ concept I must thankful and I do not even hesitate to all other ways of  valuing it some people’s way. I give them standing ovation my salute my thank you’s reason is they are my strength providers than my well wishers or benefactors.  Don’t be surprised reading the way I look at certain things. Repeatedly reading such things or repeatedly hearing what I hear always re adds certain, certain things in to my life. 

Re assuring or Re scheduling life one often has to do for better. Re adjusting might bring some holistic look to ones life without any doubt. Re accepting one might do with regard to what one has leaned earlier and with upmost respect.  And re capturing life would certainly add an additional advantage to anyone’s life during their usages of learnt from the learned.

Re corrections I many times had to do during my very early mathematics lessons and that was during my school. I remember attending after school class for few days prior to the ordinary level examination that’s podimenike teacher’s (My OL Mathematics  teacher) husband’s class all who were in the class except myself and two other girls were Rajans ( Dharmaraja collage – Kandy) they were very brilliant in their mathematic calculations and tabulations   I can’t forget how some teased me and the other girls of course were marvelous in their mathematics. 

Anyways I just mentioned that just for a change to get out of my boring writing for few minutes at least. 

And in University while learning logic at the first year of the programme I can’t remember that I was struggling.  And Statistics I do not know how I managed to get an ‘A’ pass for that amazingly and so surprisingly because everyone of our seniors used to say “lesi neha honde umbalata wediyen paadam karanda wenne eka thamai fail wenda thamai wenne” . It was true that it was known as a bit of difficult paper. But we most of us studied forgetting slightly all other subject just to get a simple pass at least.  We most of us managed to get an A pass thank fully to the efforts we invested.
And after University and when enrolled in one of the most beautiful subjects of the world ‘research’ the subject ‘statistics made both my carrier and life easier in most the aftermath analysis of various.

I should remember not to repeat same stories and adjectives of my past again and again to ensure no boring reading.

Regaining life is no easy after facing any threats – life or otherwise, health or personal losses including things such as emotional or social or even economical, political.  I have seen the efforts of some I have met during my here and there of wanderings people who try to regain life thinking of achieving the things they have lost in their past lives forgetting the impermanence of such things.  For instance filling gaps of life that were empty for a certain period of time. I learnt at the now stage of my life that never can be done what is gone or happened one never can change but what is not impossible is aiming for a new life circle. There are other things stories attached to ‘no apolitical’ components such as the component of ‘power’. 
Power is an amazing thing once experienced one can not live without.    I do not know whether it is because of the things they can do or gain via the term of power. Reelecting or re selecting or crowning a certain or a specific person individual a group a party with power of course in the hands of not one.  Other than electrical power and other power generators I m no good in understanding power of power I recon.  A – Z of various facets of power one has to learn very carefully and patiently.  Only the experienced understand the word better then they know what to do and what not to do. 

Talking of this subject is not always a mind refreshing for other than the ones who know this subject well and know the rational behind such subjects.    

The power of selecting or choosing a powerful from the suggested ones incredibly lies in the hands, brains hearts and minds of billions and trillions or even more of people.   It is no strange thing to world or specific to one society, tribe, region, it is fair to any or every single country.  Yes I have not forgotten the kingdoms that have set rules with regard to elections or systems of electoral and of selecting power are functioning in a different way. 

To become a Queen or a king for some it is just a hereditary factor.   For any who is willing to reside officially at Number 10 Downing street is no easy the deciding factor is not just cash or ones wealth but truly wealth of other things what matters most. One who sticks his/her thinking only to a one particular state can never be an electoral candidate having a hope of winning.  Ones Pre or prime desires of dreams of ministering or in administering a certain thing not just an effort of a day, week, year. Such things come attached with a chain of experiences of years.  The survival of one within such frameworks of ministering  never lies only within a certain attachment or attraction to one particular carrier category such as ‘Labour’  or labor what so ever way one may prefer to spell it - the word.

For who ever write this word  any of their preferred way such as ‘ Labor’, Labour’ might have to give it a specific respect there were no who won without giving ‘Labour’ or Labor a enough of respect not just because of the percentage of the word of a society that it the category represent.

I guess one can not only follow a single methodology to achieve power one has to have the qualities that the republicans think are good to improve or as a humanitarian tools to become a power of power. And the Democratic of any democratic republic has to learn what the other Manchester united or Maradona or Madona’s fans and their followers think is right.  I mean every aspect of people’s attitudes and perceptions are incredibly important in gaining power and above all ‘sustainability of the work of power’. Every man and a woman of Pasdunrata , rathupaswala, pasgama, pasdunkorale, pamankada, gangawata korale,  Magalle, Medamahanuwara, Uthuru Kolamba, Dakunu Kolamba, Disa mawatha, Huruluwewa, Karawila Yaaya, welioya, Watawala watareka, Penideniya aladeniya, Gadaladeniya, Borupana, are important.

There are various and differently flavored, essensed, regionalized, territorized, bowls of soups of chefs genuine and unmatchable in this world.  Why am I talking about soups in this not supper or no dinning moment?  This is no early morning breakfast or late lunch time break either this is a moment in between. I guess there are few many sayings comes attached with soups let me quote a one local.
Aandi hath dengage kenda heliya wage   (this is a soup cooked by 07 chefs)
 It is later that I learned there are various other soups in this cuisine world  other than the veggie soups sweet and sour , chicken , mixed , egg soup, and there are many other ways of cooking or chefing soups . soups are known as something that are easy to digest and the doctors recommend for ill or no healthy , or any patients recovering from any conditions am I right, right -doctors?   

Realizations and reabsorbing the ideas of different soups – criterias known as soups are full of loads of good health qualities such as the qualities of rejuvenating,  regaining health and reducing fat, re arranging the damaged tissues layers of outer skin and this is according to my health abilities ( lets not say knowledge) and not additionally but mainly and the soups enrich with all good healthy facts are amazingly good for reproductive health as well do not know whether the nutritionist will come and argue with me “hey you are giving wrong advises to the ones of this world”?  No, No let me I assume.

It  does not matter even when the chef decide to cook the soup the way he/she likes what is important here is he/she should put all the ingredients nutritious to give it a healthy flavor with what so ever  veggies or non veggies essences.  When ever the eaters inquire about the soup he/she should know what he/she has put to make the soup he/she cooked the list of health advisories has to  ideological healthy not idiotically bad for health. We the eaters or users have the right o know them not just because we are paying for it but because we have come to their restaurant trusting their abilities of making a good soup.

The deciding factor of many or even everything that exists in this world often comes along with living agendas, plans schedules, essences. One can never stick to the ideas of Bakers, makers, manufactures, labourers, or only to philosophers - all men and all women of all class and caste categories in order to improve their abilities of making soups, sour or spicy.

Let me forget soups for a moment and move on to Movies that is also for a cinematic change of life to avoid dullness and lifeless.  When anyone tastes (sorry again I will have to take a soup as an example please forgive) any soups they have the ability to say various things about it. One who knows the tastes of different soups or anyone who has tasted various cuisines from various parts of the world know what level of chef has cooked or made the soup he/she tastes.  It is same with cinematography, movie creations, magic of silver screen actually I took this long way to explain just a single thing that is about re producing the old ones created by any artists of yester years.  

Re productions or re producing  is no easy the viewers, fans always expect something more or at least they want to watch the same production reproduced without harming it to the essence of what the artist or the Director have tried  to discuss via the production that is to their fans to view it patiently and calmly or quietly.  I know young talented re produced ‘Thushara’ the genuine one of my favorite movies of one and only couple of our cinema on SILVER SCREEN ‘ VIJAYA – MALINI’ I never thought of watching the re produced one not because I doubt the talents of the new team but I wanted the keep memories and wonder of the  originally watched   movie ‘thushara’.  Gayana Sudharshani is one of my favorite small screen actresses to be honest I have seen her skills on that field I believed that she should have tried to produced a newly creation with her husband also an artist – Sahan.  

Also I know that hatharadenaama soorayo (all four are heroes) also re appeared before us as a re production. You know I know the newly internationally crowned actor’s talents Jagath Chamila. I have no doubts about the talents of all other actors including  Roshan Pilapitiya but I want something new to even talk at least.  

Sorry dear friends again I will have to talk about labor , labour  let me tell you something for a change in what ever I write you will never ever can capture any particular order :- ) but some confusions am I right ?

I talk of soups and movies and before or earlier I talk of labor, labour no easy for me as well to handle my own ways of adjusting and readjusting what I write or even reordering them re organizing for you to read.

Though the word labor we write differently locally or in any region or territory the core idea and the meaning of the word one never can change or never ever can devalue it.  The meaning of something one never can change or devalue.

Again for a literary and literature change let me keep a list of word before you. The Enlglish word is – Labour following are few of the ways that other regionary pals gals and gents ladies spell or pronounce it.

Spanish – Trabajo
Albanian – iPunes
Dutch –  Arbeid
Swedish – Arbetskraft
Czech – Prace
Hungarian – Munkaero
Indonesian – Tenage Kerja

This is how we say it in Sinhalese – Kamkaru in Tamil I will have to ask S I Ranganathan sir (consultant of OUSL /department of ECPE/ Faculty of Education) will comeback with the Tamil word sooner.

It is so good to know that youngsters are changing their ways of passing communications from Nokia to Blackberries with eye linning in dark brown way. I do not have to pardon you because I have already told you I sometimes write things irrelevant to the topic I basically discuss but tell me frankly don’t you think I mostly write the things that are relevant to the topic I discuss?

Reinventing and life are two interesting words and those two words amazingly have the ability to add some gorgeousness to ones life.  Reversing is unavoidable during ones driving towards the destinations of preferences of life. Every route is attached with so much of walking, driving or else ridings of ones own or of others. The routes are not just a thing for singular usage.
Revolutions or revolutionary is not violence.  Rebellious is somewhat similar to violence please re correct me if you think I am wrong?

Renaissance that took place in certain part of the world had the ability to change the way of thinking of people art and crafts sciences social and philosophical and all sides of people and their activities and realities of life and it never took that long to spread the revolutionary renaissance across globe and change people’s lives in Asia, Africa, Europe in all the continents and sub continents

Reservations, reserved, reserve resettle, resettlements,  reincarnation, reinforce, remembrances, rewards, recognitions, reducing, reunion, repetition, relationships all these are meaningful words one has to use appropriately or applicably in their usage of words, sentences, or in life dealings. Even in expressing or exploring life or learning.  

Every word that begins with this coupled letters ‘RE’ has a lot value it has the power to change the letters afterward to that two letters. Any (re) union can (re)serve any society, group without thinking of (re)gaining any recognition or rewards without repeating to do any mistakes done earlier, before any (re)unionizing. Some repeatable mistakes may end up putting lives of the members at not receiving any rewards but at wards – certain.  Keeping ‘Cooperation’ among all allies is a really a good thing to practice and keep in our minds.

Replace references reinsert, Review, rearranging, RESEARCH all those are very respectable words of the all dictionaries of life.

Thanks very much all for readying to read my essay – next. It is alright to assume or predicting things very often NO?  

P. S.

 Sha fm was it the Mariyans the entertainers or the Gypsies the revolutionists   who talked of malailaw adare (hasty nasty love) along a bit of fast track?  Who ever it was I know that they talk of things through experiences because they get the most the chances to associate all type all kind people, fans, dancers, musicians, drummers, party organizers, clubers, and of course all levels of artists and dramatists than me and others.  Just asked : -}

Aadaraya sundara waradaki kisidaa samawak nam nethi ……………..

Wena ithin api kumak karamuda aaaaadaraya karanu misa ……………….

Ahanna aasai kiyanna nayana eka wadanak ho kola nethin
Wena kawruth neha ahagena inne ira handa witharai kawdath unne ………..

Wessa numba wage sith malata aeda wetei male paata nosedeema pudumayak thamai ……………
Aale benda maage ramya one kumatada sobaniye kandulu salanne hethuwa mama nodanim, Gowe , Gowe genu paradai rupe, rupe mahada pinayai

(Various, different ideas from various different personalities/artists who has tried to view not just the word love but life angles according to their corners of life check out the owners of the songs)

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